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Some articles have been written for the local Free/Open Source Software group. Many are demo related.

Visual Music Puns - just for fun.

3D Printing 3D Printer Surprise - A mouse ring - Ongoing Projects

Creativity - Reinventing the Wheel - Emulating - Originating

SPAM Email - I did not send one but I may be blamed

Fun with a Binary Clock - A bit of time spent with binary

Animated GIF "delay" graphic - A tutorial using Inkscape and Imagemagick

What Does "Open Source" Mean?
- It isn't too complicated.

Coding for Fun - You can have fun while learning to take control of your computer.

Using Unicode - You have access to many more characters than show on your keyboard. ⇨ è ♽ é

Unicode (UTF-8) Codes - some UTF-8 characters I use frequently

Information Multipliers - Some inventions have had a significant effect on access to information.

Moving to Open Source Software - a blog to which I regularly contribute

"Can I Carry Your Books?" - Paperless Textbooks - ebooks in education

Computing in the Cloud - Putting software and your data on Internet servers

Distributed Proofreading - Getting public domain texts into ebook format

Kgeography - Make sure you can identify the states of your country

5 Square - a simple puzzler for your students

Playful Exploration - Adult Computer Learning with less trauma

Butterbox - A "learn by doing" project I did with my middle school students

The Daily Create - What creativity stimulation can be in the digital world.

Metric Conversion - making the conversion between units easy.

OpenDyslexic - A accessibility font you can use to help dyslexic readers.

"Chaos" in Education - Education isn't just passing on knowledge.

Open Data Project - Cars at the Corner - Students collect data for analysis.

KDE Userbase Entries: (These are all elements of the KDE Software Compilation and the KDE Desktop generally used on a GNU/Linux computer.)