Open Data Project - Cars at the Corner

Summary - Students collect data to determine automobile popularity in their local town or region.

Subjects: math, social studies, science

Preliminary Work.
Teacher or first round of students take photos of the medallions of as many automobile brands as possible. Samples below. (Decide whether to add trucks/vans/taxis, etc. or type like SUV, compact, sports, as suits your version of the project.)

Hyundai Lexus Mercury Mazda

Medallion Photo Starter Set (zip compressed file of 18 small jpeg photos - 150px wide) Please feel free to use the photos of the medallions for your project. Each of these photos was taken by Algot Runeman for use by students and educators in data projects like the one described on this web page. The photos are licensed with the Creative Commons CC0 license to encourage their use. The medallions themselves are trademarks of the respective automobile companies. Please avoid using the photos in a way which would infringe on the tradmark rights of the auto companies.

Web page prepared for Marco Fioretti for his workshop presentation in June 2013.