That's the assignment. (a click on the heading will take you to the assignment page.)

This is my submission:

But then, the creative urge kept poking at me. It seemed important to actualize the imagined personal font.
So far, it is just the lower case letters. Maybe a full set of caps will follow.

Maybe the assignment will urge me even further to do research about making an actual font, not just the Inkscape SVG version.
As you can see, the letters 'g' and 'o' have changed. Whether further changes happen is still to be determined. This is sort of like version 0.01alpha (to use the terminology of Free Software). That reminds me. If you want the SVG 'source' it's yours to play with, CC-BY license. Please let me know (email) if you actually put it to any use. You'll need software to use the source. I recommend Inkscape, the Free Software (open source) vector graphics tool.

Thanks to the creators of The Daily Create and the college course ds106 which stimulated the TDC Web site.
And special thanks to Karen Fasimpaur who took part there before me. It is often great fun to follow in somebody else's footsteps.
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