Being creative begins with a combination of "seeing" and "emulating" what others have done. In some cases, the results may be copycat creations. More significantly, the transformations you do may allow you to develop the ability to imagine something new. Imagining is a form of seeing. It is seeing more than what is currently there.

Elements of Creativity

The recreated version of the basic elements design (above) is based on:

Elements original

Education is each learner's effort to "recreate the wheel" which is typically disparaged in the world of productivity.
It is wise to avoid such recreation if your goal is efficiency, productivity, profit.
In education, things need to be different. Education is a complex dance. Each student's context is unique. Each classroom mix of students determine their own dynamic. A teacher must navigate neatly through the curriculum, rapidly adapting the pace, style and focus for each class of children, and frequently assess the way each student is processing and assimilating the experience.

No matter how well each child pays attention and no matter how well the others in the classroom provide support, each child will build an individual view of the content. The curriculum is always going to be a rough guide for everyone who uses it.

I don't believe that stuffing pre-built, packaged "content" into children is all that valuable.
While packaged material can quickly provide a standard context for a child's exploration, there is too often an assumption that the material itself becomes the entire curriculum.