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UTF8 codes I may commonly use and reuse! ♼

Excellent resource:
Also see an extended list at: (offline 2021-04-30)

I came across a potentially useful site, which lets you draw a shape and produces a list of potential Unicode matches. Cool, at the very least.

Android users, please note that the default Android browser may not show all the characters used for this web page. Sorry, that's out of my control.

It is also useful to have a list of "entites" for use in HTML coding: W3C Entities List

Another Entities list and one for Compose Key Codes.

UTF8 Symbol
Type ctrl-shift-u (release - then type) and enter key
¿, ¡ , ‽, ⁂, «, », † 00bf, 00a1, 203d, 2042, 00ab, 00bb, 2020 inverted question mark
inverted exclamation point
Interrobang -and- asterism
è ê
00e8, 00ea
lower case e accent grave, with circumflex
é, É
00e9, 00c9
lower case e accent acute and cap
ñ, Ñ
00f1, 00d1
nyay for Spanish
c with cedilla for French
Ä, ä, Ö, ö, Ü, ü 00c4, 00e4, 00d6, 00f6, 00dc, 00fc
German umlauts (as diaeresis)
™, ©, ®
2122, 00a9, 00ae
trademark, copyright, registered
—, ₂ 2014, 2082
em dash, subscript 2 CO₂
≈, ≠ 2248, 2260
approximately equal to, not equal to
♽, ♼ 267d, 267c
recycle symbol in circle, and inverted
♳, ♴, ♵, ... ♹
2673, 2674, ..., 2679
recycle plastic #1, 2, etc. to 7

✔, ☑
2714, 2611
check mark, check in box

rain and umbrella
☎, ✆
260e, 2706
¢, €, £, ¥
00a2, 20ac, 20a3, 00a5
US cent, euro, UK Pound, Yen/Yuan
degree symbol
⇦, ⇧, ⇨, ⇩
21e6, 21e7, 21e8, 21e9
white arrows
☚, ☛
261a, 261b
pointing hands


pilchrow (paragraph) mark


Please realize that Unicode is being updated over time. Another factor is that various fonts may not have all the symbols that others do.

On April 30, 2021, @cadadr, a person posting with Mastodon in the fediverse, posted that he had found a "new" ornate set of parentheses which have a floral motif centered on the curve. It took some searching through the fonts I have installed on my system, but the following illustration highlights the forms I was able to find.

ornate parentheses

I've also experimented with JavaScript and had some Unicode fun with it.