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Algot Runeman

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Retired. Let's get that said right up front.
It doesn't mean I need to stop all my activities, does it?
AB in Biology, Boston University
Graduate work in Botany, University of Maine, Orono
MEd, Boston University
36 years as teacher and computer director for the King Philip Regional School District in southeastern Massachusetts, USA.
Twenty years as secretary for MassCUE (Massachusetts Computer Using Educators, Inc.) from 1986 to 2006.
Advocate of software freedom and member of the Free Software Foundation.
GNU/Linux is my operating system choice with Kubuntu as my primary currently installed distribution.
Community member of KDE, one of the free software development groups.
Tech support for the Northeast Regional Conference for the Social Studies (NERC)
Webmaster for the site of the Massachusetts Council for the Social Studies (MCSS)
BASIC was only computer language I "mastered" though I've piddled with many others.
HTML, CSS and JavaScript are coming along, I guess.
Open Source - Open Education - Open Minds


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