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Programming Experiments

I am not a professional programmer. Anything you gain from examining these efforts is great. I appreciate your feedback. All code connected with this work is released under GPLv2 or later.

Karen Fasimpaur of K12 OpenEd introduced me to P2PU. Thanks Karen.

Coding is Life

image: glider

The glider symbol is here to inspire me to improve my work.

Click the image to learn more about it. It is the symbol chosen by Eric S. Raymond as a logo for hackers.

I am a programmer/hacker wannabe. I "express sympathy with hackers' goals, hackers' values, and the hacker way of living" without claiming membership.

Python Logo

I'm in the middle of an online Python programming course offered through P2PU (The Peer to Peer University). Online MOOCs are a current big thing.

The course expectations included signing up at GitHub. The idea was to use the "Gist" feature to share code snippets with members of the study group to which we were assigned. GitHub is also used by many open source projects as a source file repository. I've set up some of my course practice files there.

GIT Logo - Wikimedia

Learn more about git, and other version control systems. If you take up programming in the Internet age, you will need to get familiar with one or more of them.

unofficial JavaScript logo

JavaScript is the language which has been adopted by browser developers as the central scripting language of the web. There is an international standards version called ECMAScript That means it needs to be in my "wide but shallow" syllabus. A bit of checking reveals that there is no official JavaScript logo. The one on this page is in use at Wikimedia. That's good enough for me.

There are various elements of this page were generated with scripts, such as the file date in the page footer. You may reveal them for yourself by doing Ctrl+U (Firefox/Chrome). For Mac Safari browser and Internet Explorer, there are other methods you can look up.