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JavaScript on this Site

This site uses locally accessed JavaScript to provide the main navigation menu and some other site features as well. If you do not have JavaScript enabled, your experience with this site will be sub-par. If you have turned off scripting, the non-JS menu which you can see will get you through to most of the content, but if you are also using a text-only browser, note that some sections of the site are focused on images and will be disappointing to you.
Much of my routine daily work involves making clipart and illustrations for a Word of the Day activity in which I participate.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

I am making the attempt to use the guidelines outlined in The JavaScript Trap and Setting Your JavaScript Free. I do not think any of the scripts in my pages invade the freedom of others.

The home page validates as of 2021-06-18, but the necessary link to this JavaScript license information page has not been added to most of the other pages which call the JavaScript files. Please be patient during the time it takes for the other pages to be updated.

JavaScript license information

The following table shows the license information for the scripts called as so-called "external" files which are known to exist on the site.

menu2016.js GNU-GPL-3.0-or-later menu2016.js
clipmenu.js GNU-GPL-3.0-or-later clipmenu.js
pagedate.js GNU-GPL-3.0-or-later pagedate.js
footscript.js GNU-GPL-3.0-or-later footscript.js
copyright.js GNU-GPL-3.0-or-later copyright.js
navbooks2018.js GNU-GPL-3.0-or-later navbooks2018.js