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"Connected Learning Massively Online Open Course" [CLMOOC Home Page]

In 2016, CLMOOC caught me up more than it had before. Friendly, supportive people drew me in and helped me move along.

If you are interested, the graphics I made for clmooc activities are yours to use/reuse/share/remix. Terms of use as listed. Sharing is GOOD. Remixing is Awesome.

(Hover over the clmooc 2016 logo for attribution.)
The method of hovering to show attribution is accomplished with a feature of the html <img> tag called "title" which produces text which only shows if you hover over the image.

While every creation has copyright belonging to the author, it is also possible for the author to identify a license to provide other people, potential re-users, the specified rights to reuse and remix, commonly asking only for attribution of the original author. Creative Commons has developed a broad set of licenses which all educators should get to know. CC-BY is the "Attribution" license, requiring only that the original author gets a mention in the reuse/remix. If you don't even expect attribution, you may, instead, specify CC0, the public domain declaration, which puts NO restrictions in place. For example, the reciprocating saw image, on its own is released using the CC0 public domain declaration, but because Karen Fasimpaur is the original author of the quoted text in the remix graphic, her wish to have the text attributed to her means that I need to respect her level of license when issuing my remix of her work.


[CC-BY] (SVG source)

[CC-BY] (SVG source)

The text written by me on this page is also intended for broad remixing/reuse. It has a CC-BY "Attribution" license. Of course, the CC license IDEA certainly isn't mine. Ideas are NOT copyrighted. Only specific expression is. Licenses like CC-BY and CC0 encourage broad use by others, even of a specific expression.

Karen reminded me that tweets present a thorny issue. The license "intent" of a tweet's author is certainly not clear. Copying the text of a tweet to use elsewhere, as text, may violate copyright. A simple "retweet" avoids the problem because the author's information goes with the retweet. Doing a screen capture also can credit the author by retaining the author's name above the captured text.

I am not a copyright expert, but believe the original and current versions of copyright law primarily deal with long form writing, books, memoirs, articles and such. In a modern context, the 140 characters of a tweet "belong" to the original author, but also are the kind of thing which have commonly been called "quotations." Think of all the people who do a neat graphic or remix of something Gandhi or Einstein said. The common practice of attaching the name after the quote is very like "Attribution" in the CC-BY license." There does not appear to be an attempt to plagiarize if the name of the quotation's author is appended to the words.

In the end, it always makes sense for an author to try to state the terms of use, the license of the text. It is always important that the person wishing to remix uses good sense, verifying the license granted BEFORE reuse or remix.

Web sites often make the license clear. Look for text like this or icons which represent the intended licensing for a particular web page. If you do not see such information, it is your responsibilty to honor copyright by contacting the author for permission and following their wishes. These Creative Commons licenses (and others) main benefit is clearly stating the author's intent so that specific permissions do not need to be negotiated.

Web page images are easy to copy from the browser window to then reuse by pasting the visible image into another digital tool, perhaps a word processing document or image manipulation tool. To facilitate effective remixing, though, it is nice when the image is designed to be manipulated. The SVG format is a file format for use with programs like Inkscape, a vector graphics design program. The SVG format is like "source code" which can be reworked with appropriate tools, moving the individual parts, changing colors, etc. Whatever method you use, enjoy your opportunity to make more out of the work you remix. Your work honors the original, but has the possibility of making it more useful, more powerful and more beneficial to the wider world.

Introducing Myself to CLMOOC group

intro doc
(click image to enlarge/open pdf)


This graphic is also published on another web page of this site. That page displays clipart that are released with the CC0 public domain dedication. There are no restrictions expected at all, not even attribution. Now, if you want to acknowledge an original creator, that is always your prerogative. It can be really nice, though, to search for public domain material and remix without any extra requirements.

(click image for full size view) [SVG source]

hugs and kisses
(click image to resize) [SVG Source]

hugs and kisses
(click image to view alone) [SVG Source]

(click image to embiggenate) [SVG Source]

Applying for the CLMOOC Badge - my first experience with badges since the Boy Scouts.


We are "enjoying a week of pause between the second and third rounds of CLMOOC, and I'm finding time to stay fully engaged.

[Source SVG]


Sarah Honeychurch did a visual poem which inspired me to try one of my own.

[Source SVG]


Sharing is part of the CLMOOC culture, encouraging remixing to build on the community interactions, making something more from connecting/combining than from just going it alone. (I admit that most of my work attempts humor, hoping some of it works.)

[Source SVG]


Monday of the third/final week of CLMOOC, there was a challenge via #DailyConnect to send an animated message to one or more people. What else could I do but comply? The actual method may be old fashioned, but I hope the idea is clear enough. Click the image to see it animated.


There is a set of source files which have been put into a ZIP archive, if you wish to experiment/extend/remix or more. All the files are shared with a CC-0, public domain declaration. Have at it! Inkscape and ImageMagick are available for download for Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems.

I am anticipating (because I'm a procrastinator) doing physical postcards to people in CLMOOC, but in the meantime I reworked an earlier group of clipart images into a virtual postcard, sent via Twitter, until the physical world can catch up.

[Source SVG]


DailyConnect - Food

Supper Salad explained using the S5 HTML portable slide show tool.

I guess the #DailyConnect is beyond the official end of the 2016 round of #CLMOOC, but several participants have made it clear that they intend to continue connecting throughout the year. This page could grow as a celebration of cementing connections begun this summer.

A Reflection - Entwine

CLMOOC is over. CLMOOC never stops. CLMOOC is forever.

New ideas come to mind. This one happened on purpose, almost. There is a vine which grows in the back yard. It is Akebia quinata, I think. While thinking of the CLMOOC "connection" theme, the vine's twining around anything in the yard came to mind. The image of a strand twining into a lattice immediately caught my eye and became the base for the reflective poem.

Poems are fickle. They do not stay fixed in my mind. The words flow out, but then they flow around some more. What goes down on the record (I almost said "goes down on paper") often turns out to be a draft which gets much editing. Even after careful consideration, words want to flip around, changing shape before my eyes. Version one wasn't worth considering.

Version 2
CLMOOC is a scaffold that can show
Us how we might, together, grow.
The effort to reach is ours
But support's all around, you know.

The summer fun's been very fine
For those who, to connecton, do incline.
Looking ahead, I'm eager to see
How much more we further entwine...

Version 3
CLMOOC is a scaffold that can show
Us how we might, together, grow.
The effort to reach is ours
But support's all around, you know.

The summer fun's been very fine
For those who, to connect, do incline.
Looking ahead, I'm eager to see
Just how much further we entwine...

Will there be a version 4
I really don't know.

Original Photo

Poem overlaid onto photo which was reduced to 75% opacity in Inkscape
[SVG Source]

Extended Visualization

There's a post to read about this extended visualization of CLMOOC. This is just the place for the collected image and source version.

[SVG Source]

November/December 2016 Pop-up

The CLMOOC organizers added a mid-winter activity. I procrastinated about joining in. The second week's activity intrigued me, telling a story with animation, but I couldn't think of a "story" right off. Eventually, on the Saturday at the week's end, I did come up with something.

As before, to let you avoid the irritation of having the GIF automatically run when you are not ready. Click the title image to start the animation.


Fobbing it off onto YOU! - February, 2017 and Beyond

Though it is probably mistimed because the clmooc data postcard project is also under way, the "Mission Inedible" project is on.


The idea is to decorate a keychain fob which some participants of the 2016 round will receive in the mail. There are potentially too many possible participants for me to send a fob to all of them, so there's an option to print the fob locally. The MISSION is here.