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DailyConnect - Food - August 6, 2016

There are lots of great foods out there, and many of you other #DailyConnect and #CLMOOC participants did neat displays about your favorites for this activity. I look forward to following your lead.

I am going to use a portable slide show developed by Eric Meyer which is based on HTML coding.

Take me to it! (Spacebar or right arrow to advance and left arrow to go back.)

As slideshows go, it may not be the "easy" path compared to doing a slideshow with your favorite office suite tool. On the other hand, this slide show can be shared to anybody with a browser, without regard to what software they have, as long as they do have a browser, the same one they use for any other web page access.

Yes, I know, Google Docs has a slideshow tool. All you need is a browser. I like it fine. I've used it. It is easier to make a slideshow than using S5. Use it until it is no longer available from the Google benefactors. (This one can be used offline, too, when the connection to the Internet is down.)

The slideshow itself contains the link to the web site of S5 written by Eric Meyer, but I'll mention it here to save you time if you come back and want to just give it a try.