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Bumper sticker? Stuck to my bumper?
Well, maybe I could tape it inside my window.
Licensed CC-BY unless noted otherwise below.

Click the maginifier beside a sticker to see a larger version.
Right click the link to save the PDF to your drive. [ Tell me more ]

In most cases the pdf version is set up as a US letter-size page (8½ x 11 inches) with two or three of the bumper stickers on one page.

re-elect nobody [ PDF ]
[also SVG for Inkscape ] licensed CC0
half-life [ PDF ]
[also SVG for Inkscape ] licensed CC0
out of Iraq [ PDF ]
[also SVG for Inkscape ] licensed CC0

[ download sticker PDF ]

[ Download sticker - PDF ]

Red Set (These three print on one sheet of paper) [ Download PDF ]


The Open Road sticker is a sheet of three. It represents choosing Open Source Software.
It was given away at the MassCUE conference on November 19-20, 2008.
You can get your own by just downloading and printing it.
Download PDF

Open Road Bumper Sticker

KDE is a community. The community makes software, a desktop management suite and more, all available from many GNU/Linux distributions.
This bumper sticker is to celebrate the KDE Community.
Download PDF of a full Sheet of three stickers. Print it to sticky-back full sheet label stock, cut and use.