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image - question markTell me how to download the PDF version of a bumper sticker, please.

image - A for answerThese directions are for the Windows 95/98 operating system, or later using Internet Explorer as the browser.

[ 1 ] Point to the link with the mouse pointer and tap (click) the right button on the mouse instead of the left button you usually use.

image - 2A menu of options will appear which includes the choice to Save Target As... which means you'll be able to choose a location for the file to be saved on your own computer's hard drive. (Firefox browser says Save Link as...).

image - 3Select an appropriate location for the file and when you click the save button the file will save on your computer.

image - 4Open the bumper sticker file from your computer's hard drive in Adobe Acrobat Reader and print it. Remember to set the page to horizontal (landscape).