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Recent reading - listing my reading of fiction, mainly, with comments and recommendations.

Internet Book Database of Fiction - In addition to a good list of books with reviews and ratings, it has a great set of forum discussions. After you look around, consider setting up an account and join in the fun.

Help me build a list of unmatched negative words. Don't be just "indiscriminate."

Literature Map - Choosing new authors to read. http://literature-map.com

Carry your books? - electronic books and the E-Ink screen.

Project Gutenberg - over 27,000 (Over 40,000 in November 2012) public domain ebooks FREE

Distributed Proofreaders - participate in adding to Project Gutenberg

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IBDoF: Word of the Day - Have some fun with words. Write your own use of the word into a sentence, a story, a poem.

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