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Recent Reading - 2018


Click the occasional spoiler buttons only if you wish to see plot-revealing material.



After Atlas
386 pages
Newman, EmmaEmma Newman

Carlos solves crimes, but as an asset of the Ministry of Justice, he's more than just a slave to his work. He is actually indentured to the ministry. Solving the puzzle of a crime is his passion, but he is not free to enjoy the passion. Even his food choices extend his indenture contract.
Highly Recommended


The Western Star
306 pages
Johnson, CraigCraig Johnson

Walter Longmire, new deputy sherrif for Absaroka County, Wyoming joins his boss to take the Wyoming sherrifs' annual cross-state trip aboard the famous train, The Western Star. The junket turns sour way too quickly when the president of the sherrifs' association goes missing from the train
Highly Recommended