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Recent Reading - 2018


Click the occasional spoiler buttons only if you wish to see plot-revealing material.



The Stardroppers
157 pages
Brunner, JohnJohn Brunner

An agent for the United Nations visits the United Kingdom to find out more about a new device called the stardropper which is causing unrest worldwide with the largest surge of popularity in England.


I Will Find You
275 pages
Kenda, Joe Joe Kenda

Joe Kenda, retired homicide detective writes about his life in the Colorado Springs police department. I recognized some of the cases from "Homicide Hunter", the TV show, but Kenda's language is a bit more direct. He is just as hardass as you might suspect, but it was neat to hear that he never had to shoot anybody.
Highly Recommended


The Night Circus
430 pages
Morgenstern, Erin Erin Morgenstern

This book thoroughly engaged me, at the level of the story, at the level of the characters and ultimately at a personal level.Highest Recommendation


Last Good Man
429 pages
Nagata, LindaLinda Nagata

True Brighton works for a civilian military contractor, actually a part owner of Requisite Operations, Inc., which provides international security, training and an occasional on-the-scene hostage rescue. Times have changed, though. She now has support from armed autonomous drones. They are faster to react than the best human soldier and make all the difference to the success of each mission. Danger to humans still exists. The drones don't always discriminate their targets. This book is full of tense action.
Highly Recommended


288 pages
Stone, HayleyHayley Stone

Rhona has convinced most of the people in McKinley base that she "is" Rhona, though members of the council do know she's a clone. Her value is both as a direct leader of the local human resistance against the machines, and as a figurehead for all of humanity, spread thin around the world.
Mildly Recommended


343 pages
Stone, HayleyHayley Stone

Rhona awakes in a panic, inside a creche where her clone body has developed. Memories are missing, but she feels like "herself". She needs to get out and then get away before the Machines get to her. The machines just won't quit, just like that old movie "Terminator".
Mildly Recommended


After Atlas
386 pages
Newman, EmmaEmma Newman

Carlos solves crimes, but as an asset of the Ministry of Justice, he's more than just a slave to his work. He is actually indentured to the ministry. Solving the puzzle of a crime is his passion, but he is not free to enjoy the passion. Even his food choices extend his indenture contract.
Highly Recommended


The Western Star
306 pages
Johnson, CraigCraig Johnson

Walter Longmire, new deputy sherrif for Absaroka County, Wyoming joins his boss to take the Wyoming sherrifs' annual cross-state trip aboard the famous train, The Western Star. The junket turns sour way too quickly when the president of the sherrifs' association goes missing from the train
Highly Recommended