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Tiny Tools Directory

A selected listing of single-purpose programs, funny to fabulous

The site has gathered together a well-organized list of useful programs which typically do a single task. Sometimes there are variations to try, but the individual tools are not "general purpose". That might make them easy to overlook, but if you find yourself in need of them, this list is great. It is organized by topic, with each button offering a "filter" to shorten the list. You can apply several filters to narrow down quickly.

The button images and the associated "link" will take you to each example.

Text to ASCII Art

While emojii have become the rage in text messages, there was (still is?) a time when putting ASCII art into your email signatures was a common thing. This site provides a quick solution which needs no tedious trial and error.

__________        __  .__                   .___
\______   \ _____/  |_|__|______   ____   __| _/
 |       _// __ \   __\  \_  __ \_/ __ \ / __ | 
 |    |   \  ___/|  | |  ||  | \/\  ___// /_/ | 
 |____|_  /\___  >__| |__||__|    \___  >____ | 
        \/     \/                     \/     \/ 

Unicode Text Converter

I'm a fan of Unicode and Fonts. It can be a bother to deal with a quick need. This site offers a great, copy-and-paste solution.

For example: LibreOffice does include a Special Characters option, it isn't easy to use for extended text.


With this web page tool, just enter the text you want to try out and choose from the conversions available (which you will only see after clicking the "SHOW" button on the web page. Then you can copy the text from the page into your computer's clipboard, from which you should be able to paste the text into another place, like LibreOffice or a web page like this one.



Phase generates very interesting fonts. Using screen capture might be the easiest way to use it for a headline text idea. To explore the effects most quickly, choose "About" and then click the "Random" button to see how selected control combinations work.


Random Names

If you hanker to be an fiction author, you'll need to find the right names for your characters. This tool might be just what you're looking for.



I'm sure you're going to begin your explorations with a filter that fits your own initial interests, but please return over time to check out tools you didn't first consider. For Dennis, here's one I bet he will find intriguing (if he has not already).

Unlike the other tools mentioned so far, this is a program to download and install to your computer. There are versions for Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux.