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Winter Tux

Making 3D projects is often a matter of building on the shoulders of another's work. In this case, I saw a post from another 3D creator, Eric Buijs [Link to Eric's Announcement].


Eric Buijs idea inspired me to try making a version using OpenSCAD. Each design language has its draw. As a programmer-wannabe, with BASIC and some Python in my background, OpenSCAD has been a comfortable fit.

Like most projects, this one developed through a series of trials, a work in progress. Version00 represented the basic idea, using mostly spheres to define the basic body shape, etc. Each stage added details, leading to the current (final?) version.


Detail modifications often continue beyond the first "good enough" design and print. One thing which bothered me was how small this design came out. Fortunately scaling is easy using most slicer software running on your printer. Nonetheless, It seemed worth doubling the height of the "basic" design. That was one of the version04 steps. The design is not "perfect" and you may avoid minor points of filament sag under the hat's pom-pom, beak and between the feet if you enable your slicer software support option. I was happy enough "as-is" to scrape away the small amount of sag with a knife blade.

In addition, while it doesn't print in multiple colors on most hobby grade 3D printers, OpenSCAD does allow us to choose colors to enhance the display of our ideas.

Update 2021-01-18: Do the tweaks ever end with projects? Added earmuffs as version05.
Ubdate 2021-01-19: Eric reports he decided to add scarf and earmuffs to his original design, too!
The back-and-forth feedback and creative exchanges of 3D printing are Awesome!

printed version 4 earmuffs addederic's wintertux

Available Files:

(In most browsers, right click each file you wish to download and select "save-as" from the menu options.)

SCAD files for study/modification and STL files for quick prints

wintertux.scad - wintertux.stl - about 3hr to print on Lulzbot Mini
wintertux00.scad - wintertux01.scad - wintertux02.scad - wintertux03.scad - wintertux05.scad in case comparing my stages of work is instructive
GPL3 License