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Hugging Critter

Some projects start and get set aside and then revisited, revised and then (sometimes) released. This is one of those.

About two years have passed since the first printed version of this little critter. It began as a simple thing, just some spheres and cylinders. Then it got a bit more complex with a crest and some arms. Finally, it gained scales. Before the pause, it also got a sign to hang from the arms.

It seemed that it was done, but something prevented me from writing about it. The printout sat on my truck's dashboard and the sign warped. Then it struck me. "I Love You" was a good sentiment, but it wasn't the right sign for this little critter!

critter1 critter3 critter4 I love you hug sign

It still may not be the right message, but it seemed like the time to finally "finish" this little project. Here it is.

The scales are done with for/next loops and that makes the rendering relatively slow, just under five minutes on my laptop.

The OpenSCAD file also has the option to do an "in place" rendering so I could easily capture the little thing holding up the sign. For printing, the variable needs to be set for that purpose, the one which produced the STL file for the printer.

Available Files:

critter5.scad - critter5.stl - appx. 1 hour to print on Lulzbot Mini

(In most browsers, right click each file you wish to download and select "save-as" from the menu options.)

SCAD files for study/modification and STL files for quick prints

GPL3 License