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A Wicked Wonderful Wordie puzzle comes out once a week on this web page.



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In the sample puzzle below, the word "cow" is the focus in the puzzle frame. Circle bits have been removed to make it look like holes in the word. "Holy Cow" is the target idiom, including a play on spelling "holey" becomes "holy".

Sample Wordie Puzzle

Sometimes words have shapes or are outside the frame, or are on top, etc. Those hints should help to make you think of the desired idiom.

The wordies here have been made with Inkscape, the excellent Free Software (open source) graphic design program. It is available for many different computer types including Macintosh, Windows and Linux.

If you are interested in making your own wordies, check out these instructions.

Dozens of Dozens

milestone Milestone:
More than 144 Wicked Wonderful Wordies have passed through this site!
That's just GROSS.
Too gross at 288 wordies happened a while ago.
Puns break down beyond that.
Sets of 12 Wordies are available as PDF files.

My own students enjoyed the challenge of wordies when I was still teaching. (So did the staff at my school!)

* Wicked is a New England regionalism. When somebody says it, they are saying they approve.

Some sets of wordies are also available in a gallery format. Right now, the galleries seem to work well with a computer browser which provides the option to hover. Unfortunately, the current gallery versions do not work well with tablet and phone browsers which only give the "click" effect when a thumbnail is touched. The click/touch reveals the answer. My apologies to all mobile visitors. I'm exploring alternatives. In the meantime, mobile users can enlarge the thumbnails with a two-finger action to get a better look before tapping reveals the answer. Please contact me if you have suggestions.

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