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$100.00 Linux Laptop

The laptop is built to order by adding your email to a waiting list. When your name reaches the top of the queue, you get a confirmation to place the order. The laptop arrived a couple of weeks after my confirmation/order. It came in a tyvek envelope in which contained a plastic "parts box" with the laptop in it along with the power supply that looks like a USB wall wart, but with a barrel plug connector.

The Neon/Plasma distribution opens with an install process during which you create your user/sudo account. The laptop sips power. The screen resolution is higher than my old eyes could handle, but the system settings allow a scaling reduction which gives text I can handle.

My plan is to use this laptop on trips and conferences with the intent to use it primarily for writing. I will not need huge storage. I am not planning to store many photos or videos, for sure.

If you want to get a laptop "tomorrow", then this isn't for you, but if you are adventuresome, willing to wait, the price is hard to beat!

Pinebook Pro

The 14 inch screen presents text which is sometimes very small. Adjusting the font settings helps somewhat, but not universally. Younger eyes may not be so troubled.

The keyboard (I ordered ISO variant) is comfortable, but different from the one on my main work laptop. That slows me down. I will probably not consider using the Pinebook Pro as my primary laptop.

The screen is good. The default fonts are too small for me. That meant adjusting system settings **and** settings for my preferred tools (as needed). I was surprised to find how many applications did not seem to mirror the system settings. Of course, familiarity with the Mate desktop might be one issue. I'm a happy user of Kubuntu's Plasma desktop on my bigger main screen.

Current Overall Reaction - Not your primary computer - Buy only if you want to fiddle with both hardware and OS issues.

There will be updates posted on this page as I spend more time with the laptop.

Review: "For Cool People"