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I had a really good time on Saturday at the "Science on State Street" festival.

I got an early photo while Dennis was there with his game demos which were popular the whole time he was able to stay.


A repeating slideshow ran on the monitor at the right corner of the table showing primarily a list of FOSS software by subject area. You can get it to look at if you want. Modification suggestions very welcome for another round. [Slideshow Link]

Dick and Jill Miller, Jerry Feldman, John Thompson and I spent our time interacting with the people who came by the table. I know we had at least 60 visitors, but I lost count. The sun gradually warmed us up and it was altogether a beautiful day except when an afternoon gust of wind picked up the canopy and bent one of the legs beyond repair. The shade the canopy provided made our computer screens much more visible than they might have been. I'd like to propose that those who can, kick in to replace the canopy for Dick and Jill. I'll bring up the idea again at May's meeting.

There were several people who indicated they might drop in on a meeting in the future.

Thanks to all who participated. I hope we can do similar events again.