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paperback assistant

Paperback Assistant

Several years ago, my sister-in-law gave me a little do-dad which was designed to make it easier to hold a paperback book in one hand while reading it. It looked like something I ought to try to make myself, so I did. Here it is.

It is not a complex design, mostly pieces hulled together and using difference() to remove some parts. Check the SCAD file below to see how you might modify it to your needs. I do not know if the original do-dads are still for sale.

Extra kudos to you if you have read and enjoyed the book used in the illustration above.

A single print took about half an hour.

paperback assistant

Available Files:

paperback-assist01.scad - for study and modification, you will want this file
paperback-assist01.stl - for printing as-is
GPL3 License