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Gumball Watterson

Gumball Watterson

A friend who goes by the handle paeneultima indicated they wished there were some figurines available from the "Gumball" cartoon series. Since there are none in the commercial marketplace (yet), I jumped in with the suggestion to make a 3D printed character.

Now, I recognize that this character is the creation of Ben Bocquelet and there are copyrights in play, so there is NO INTENT to sell these, but, maybe we can have some amateur fan art fun in the meantime.

Scaled to 86mm tall (2X) the filament estimate is about 10 grams and under 2 hours printing time for my Lulzbot Mini printer.

2x scale

Available Files:

(In most browsers, right click each file you wish to download and select "save-as" from the menu options.)

SCAD files for study/modification and STL files for quick prints

GPL3 License