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Work in Progress!

UPDATE: 2020-04-19 - There was a request for a unified, single part version of the coin, especially for resin 3D printing. Version 5 is the attempt. I don't have a resin printer, so I'll wait to hear back from the kind person who made the request (feedback is awesome in the fediverse community). I took a shot at printing it with my own filament printer and was not horrified with the result. The motto is less legible and there's a thready look to the spaces between the icon, etc. but that is to be expected. I personally prefer the sharper look of the two-piece coin in version04. Your prints may turn out better than mine, of course.

mottoback mottoback mottoback
fused coin with motto fused coin, logo only glued after upright print

Originally, it was "fedibuck", but some early comments suggested that was too linked with "dollar". Therefore, version02 was renamed "Fedicoin"...trying for internationalization of a sort.

Published early for feedback from those who might connect with this effort through posts made on the fediverse, the multitude of servers sharing in the federated social media activity centered on the ActivityPub protocol. I use the Mastodon web browser interface as my primary tool, but the fediverse goes well beyond one platform. It is crowdfunded, belonging to the admins and members of any given instance. Other languages are clearly possible, too.

Please consider giving feedback to if you're on the fediverse. Use the chance to get involved in this project as your excuse to become part of the fediverse action!

Note that the fediverse logo is not mine, but rather the proposal mentioned in this Wikipedia article. The original is multi-colored, but, for this purpose, a simpler monochrome version made sense. For me, it was easier to create a version using the vector art program Inkscape and then use it's export extension to get a scad file for the coin.

The first day, several people responded to the idea, so it may be catching on. Early discussion added suggestions for mottos in Latin. "CONFIDO FEDERATA" - "federated trust" "NON CENTRUM" - "no center [control]".

fedicoin2 fedicoin2

There was also the suggestion that it would be interesting to do instance-specific coins to be printed and exchanged! I cannot speak for any specific instance, so I'll give this more well-known and general Mastodon Logo idea a go. The Mastodon logo design is very compatible with 3D printing. Please reach out in the fediverse to suggest ideas, or even to request instance-specific versions.

Of course, these OpenSCAD files described here are licensed using GPL3 or later. Feel free to grab them and make your own coin designs.


Day two produced a bunch of interest and many suggestions, including a motto in the minimalist language toki pona. In my early print attempts, the use of difference() failed to produce clean text results for the motto of the "bottom" of the coin. As a result, I've moved on to a two-piece design which will require more plastic and time to print, along with needing to glue the halves together, but I expect the results will be better. Look at version 3 below.


Perhaps nearing a working design.

There was a problem with version03 of the #fedicoin code. The toki pona motto was not printing on the back half. It looks great without the motto, but that was one requested feature. The motto is "kulupu ni li jo ala e jan lawa", which is toki pona for "This community has no king" according to Russ Sharek who proposed it.

It looks like there was a problem with the motto font specification code. There was a semi-colon where there should have been a colon, and some stray spaces were messing up the sizing. It looks like it's fixed in version04. OpenSCAD has a built-in font, "Liberation Sans" to provide cross-platform compatibility, but you may find that a thicker font will work even better. I have a font called "Academic M54" (available for free from several online font sources). I tried that and liked the results.


Available Files:

(In most browsers, right click each file you wish to download and select "save-as" from the menu options.)

SCAD files for study/modification and STL files for quick prints

fedicoin05.scad - the work in progress file.(halves unified for resin printer)
fedicoin05.stl - the work in progress file for quick print.(resin print)
fedicoin04.scad - the split coin work in progress file.(spelling of motto fixed 4/17/20)
fedicoin04.stl - the split coin work in progress file for quick print.(spelling of motto fixed)
mastologo.scad - the scad file needed for the Mastodon Logo.
fedilogo.scad - the scad file exported from Inkscape (required for the project)
logo-fediverse.svg - the SVG version I did (not the official, colorful version which is available from the Wikipedia article.
fedicoin02.scad -
fedicoin02.stl -
fedibuck.scad - the first run file.
fedibuck.stl -
GPL3 License