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Bath Rack Hook

We keep soap and shampoo on a plastic-coated wire rack in our shower. The racks are designed to hang over the pipe of the shower head. We don't like it there. We have a towel bar on the wall at the other end of the bathtub. Over the years, we have used an S hook to hang the rack on the towel bar. The racks are common in home-supply stores, but the S hooks have been tough to find. We kept the same one going by wrapping it in tape to hide the rust. It's an ugly hack, at best. A few days ago, I realized that a 3D printed solution would probably work. It does!


While the design is flat, I recommend printing it on edge for two reasons: 1) It is stronger to build the layers perpendicular to the direction of pressure from the weight of the shampoo and conditioner bottles; 2) There will be no overhang needing supports.

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I had not realized it before this project, but the slicer software, Cura (Lulzbot version), for my printer will automatically put a design on the print surface if you do a rotation in the slicer. That means I was able to design the hook flat, making my design phase easier. Then I just rotated it 90 degrees to put the print on edge. As a result, all the layers put down during the printing phase become perpendicular to the weight, adding strength.

If your slicer software does not do easy rotation resets, you can work with the rotated the design bathhook-vertical.scad so it builds "vertically".

Happy showering.

Available Files:

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SCAD files for study/modification and STL files for quick prints

bathhook.scad - bathhook.stl
bathhook-vertical.scad - bathhook-vertical.stl
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