Old News

There isn't much to say here yet. I'm sure there may  be. eventually

In days of yore, there were things called typewriters. A typewriter began as a mechanical tool that looked vaguely like the keyboards of computers of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Using their hands, "typists" struck keys, activating levers that caused a letter to print onto paper. The letter was visible because the letter on the lever banged into an ink saturated ribbon, pushing some ink out of the ribbon onto the paper. Each letter was cast into metal on the end of the lever. The action of banging the paper through the ribbon tended to get ink, paper fibers and dust crammed into the corners of the letter shape. The result was smudged text.

This page uses a font (typeface) that simulates a typewriter's text. This font is called "GNU typewriter" and is available from Open Font Library.