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CSS Experiments

Don't expect too much, too fast. Some of us are slower than others. Thanks for your patience.

I'm experimenting/learning and posting as I go (including this page).
You are welcome watch my varied progress if you want.

First test file
Failed CSS Gradient
Successful CSS Gradient
Simple CSS Layout
Easy Balanced Columns
SVG Elements in page <body>
CSS Positioning Experiments
1a - 1b - 1c - 1d - 2a - 2b
Boxing Text - pretty text layout
Horizontal Menu using <ul> menus
still allowing regular unordered lists.
Horizontal Menu using <details>

Relative positioning fits current div and can have negative values which can reduce padding effects.

SVG objects can be pulled in -->.

It is clear that I need more work to understand how positioning works (especially for responsive style)!


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