Massachusetts Computer Using Educators, Inc. Historical Information


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President: Laurene Belisle as of June (Jan-June was Nancy Vose)
Treasurer: Arthur Jackman
Secretary: Algot Runeman
Elected:Prisilla Kotyk, Ron , Jim Modena, Sharon Esempio
Appointed:: Marcy Reed, Linda Colvin, Sharon Esempio, Bob Hanna, Bev Reber, Earle Hancock

Summary of Board Actions

June 2000

Laurene Belisle assumes MassCUE presidency after the resignation of Nancy Vose. "On June 16, 2000 the MassCUE board accepted Nancy Vose's resignation. Nancy served diligently for three years as MassCUE president, making a significant contribution to the integration of technology into the learning process in Massachusetts' schools. None who know her can deny her impact and energy. The MassCUE board wishes Nancy well in her new endeavors. Until the election of officers in the spring of 2001, Laurene Belisle, the current vice president of MassCUE will serve as president."
Earle Hancock reappointed to the board.
3 officers now (Laurene Belisle, Arthur Jackman, Algot Runeman) plus elected Prisilla Kotyk, Ron , Jim Modena, Sharon Esempio
Marcy Reed, Linda Colvin, Sharon Esempio, Bob Hanna, Bev Reber , Earle Hancock (6)
MassCUE continues to provide MEET grant dissemination in onCUE section.

July 2000
MassCUE will not pursue being an ETIS vendor.
Moratorium on new projects during the reorientation of the board under new leadership.

September 2000
Board got preview of the Virtual Education Space (VES) which is planned for official launch at the fall conference.
Bob Hanna resigned from the board.
Steve Olivo appointed to the board. Will serve as on CUE and Meet dissemination editor.
Pat Trotman to be MassCUE's designee to the MCET board.
Board declines request for MassCUE to host and maintain the Mass Tech Corps Web site.

November 2000
MassCUE no longer gives PDPs for conference attendance. There are not enough hours. Recommend school support conference and subsequent related work for PDPs through district.


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