Have fun every day.
Create with a sense of play.
Even if the day is gray
You'll have joy along the way.

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by Algot Runeman

Less than poetry, but more than prose.
These short rhymes are some of those.
Enjoy or not, it's up to you.
Share your own work somewhere, too.

Quatrain is a poetic format, writing done in one or more rhymed, four-lined stanzas. Wikipedia has some information about the quatrain format. From time to time, the Qua train above picks me up and carries me along.

Words are a game. Sometimes I play alone, but you are welcome to play, too. Sharing is wonderful. You are welcome to incorporate these ditties in remix works. The license which applies to this writing is Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 which encourages reuse without need to seek permission. Your sole responsibility is to cite the author and source listed at the bottom of the page so that others can locate the original work. Remix in school. Remix in a newspaper. It is up to you. Use with a drawing or photo and post it on line (that Internet thing). Your use may take the work in a new direction which enhances its value for even more people to enjoy. Build from here or start over on your own. Make the world more interesting.

In addition to the pure fun of doing these quatrains and remixing them, there is support for remixing in activities like the National Writing Project Connected Learning MOOC (follow Twitter hashtag #clmooc). Finding out more about the Maker Movement and Open Educational Resources would make sense, too.

Author's Quatrain

To write may offer only pain.
From it, little may I gain.
Yet write I must.
Doing it keeps me sane.

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Beget Regret

Her creations quite tasty,
Oven work's not hasty.
Beatrice baked to beget.
And sometimes to just forget.

Crullers, rolls and seed-topped bread
Ready, warm and good they said.
Customers lined up each day
Some to buy the best beignet.

Still, each day she thought of him
In uniform he was trim.
Of babies said, "We should wait."
Gone too fast. It was too late.

The shop's goods, her life instead
Begetting each day's fresh bread.
Her smiles back at those who buy
Hide her grief for dreams awry.

Word of the Day June 09, 2016


This is it.
These words fit.
Rhyme is short.
No retort.

Word of the Day May 23, 2016


The matins were unusually quiet.
The Monsignor snored alone.
No others dared to try it.
Smiles and nudges they'd atone.

Word of the Day May 16, 2016


Jens aspired to be a skald.
Though his mother did him scold,
"No tale-teller should be bald.
Besides, you've started too old."

Word of the Day May 09, 2016

Family Business

His trade was to trade:
A pill for a buck,
A suit off a truck.
Vocation? Be "made."

Word of the Day March 21, 2016

Pedestrian Ollie

No longer banned to the alley,
Skateboards have their own park.
But now every Tom, Dick and Sally
Ollie and crash rails on a lark.

Word of the Day March 10, 2016


Imagine now the stage and scene.
A pair of parrots, neat and clean
Standing out from forest green.
And lines that rhyme, psittacine.

Word of the Day March 8, 2016


"Lackaday!" the lady cried.
The grave she stood beside
Was of her man, the next her son.
The other side had finally won.

Word of the Day March 3, 2016


Some say children are the best.
Some think they are the worst.
Give bratwurst to your first,
And hot dogs to the rest.

Word of the Day February 21, 2016


Sixth month, Ventose, count on your ten toes.
If you need more you can rent those.
The sun will come up. The sun will then set.
A month? Three weeks, ten days, ten hours, you bet.

An idea quite grand that got out of hand.
Ten for your money, gets ten grams of sand.
Revolution in France, good time to dance.
But decimal dates had little chance.

Word of the Day February 19, 2016


Bob gave a meek defence of "week."
It was septimal but not seminal.
Seven times he squeezed the lemon small.
But the lemonade he made was weak.

Word of the Day February 9, 2016


Bob has a certain flair.
His talents he develops.
Wife Betty doesn't care.
'Cuz some he does are great flops.

Of cooking he is king.
The deserts are the coolest.
His coulis makes you sing.
Pancakes by the pool, yes!

Word of the Day February 8, 2016


Nita played shy, but Carlos was slicker.
He convinced her to join him in dancing a cueca.
They swirled and they swayed while quick the band played.
The crowd shouted and cheered, never dismayed.

Word of the Day January 29, 2016


To everyone's delight
Joey's bed was bedight
With animals galore.
He even wanted more.

There was a space
Under well-done lace
Where he could creep
To smile at each in sleep.

Word of the Day January 18, 2016


The song was wicked long,
And the words came through quite strong.
No fancy, slidy stuff.
Parlando was enough.

Word of the Day January 13, 2016


Loungecore can be a bore.
Mild and dull, nothing more.
In a lounge or in a store,
Listening becomes a chore.

Word of the Day January 7, 2016


Mark was miserable.
Expression totally risible.
He'd worked hard on his pout.
Mumpish is how it worked out.

Word of the Day January 2, 2016


Well, this is the end.
No more time to spend.
Like all things temporal
This year's time is done.

"Finito", say's Giuseppe.
He's Italian, feeling peppy,
December 31st, that's all.
Let's wrap it up with fun.

Let's have a big ol' party.
Quaff a few. Be hearty.
We'll dance and have a ball
Till dawn of January one.

Word of the Day December 31, 2015


While his feet didn't patter
Nor his teeth, did they chatter,
Giant George clomped along.
The rest just didn't matter.

His goal was the mountain.
To drink from the fountain
Atop the great peak of Machuan.
He carried his giant's drink tin.

Word of the Day December 30, 2015


Bob's outlook was all wintry,
Though the weather was quite warm.
The sidewalk might be snow free,
But Bob could show no charm.

The Christmas party gathered
To share a glass of cheer.
Bob showed up all lathered
Though not with froth of beer.

He shouted, ranted; blathering
To demand a change "right now!"
He sought a somber gathering.
No fun, no joy, no how.

The revel just continued,
Ignoring his frigid tone.
Reluctantly, Bob they snubbed
And let him mope alone.

Word of the Day December 22, 2015


Of this there is no doubt.
We can sing and shout it out.
Word lovers are the best.
Apodictic, o'er the rest.

Word of the Day December 19, 2015


It's not enough to be alive.
For more than that we all must strive,
And if we have support and luck,
We, eventually, may thrive.

Word of the Day December 5, 2015

Pyramid Scheme

What the mummy thought was nummy was packed inside his tomb.
But time has passed and now it's crummy, I'd assume.
Some went rotten, or turned too gummy to sweep up with a broom.
Now the mummy's got no yummies to overcome the gloom.

Word of the Day December 2, 2015

Whither Weather

Whether it's a breeze that quakes the leaves
Or some dust which makes you sneeze.
And rain or snow to make you wheeze.
The trusty troposphere delivers these.

There is a spot at the upper limit.
"Thermopause" to keep water in it.
Above just ice, wet to crystals skin it.
Lest parched skin and what's in it.

Word of the Day November 30, 2015


I don't want to wreck your day.
Do not wish to cause you harm.
If I punch you in the arm.
It is 'cause I want to play.

"Mischievous Mike" they all say.
When I'm only trying to charm.
I hope you've set your alarm.
Ready to begin today.

Word of the Day October 30, 2015


Joel was a rogue, a cad and a bounder.
Picaro, no doubt, and yet not a lout.
Suave, debonair, with a curl in his hair.
He chased all the girls, the thin and the stout.

From young to mature, he made them his quest.
He dallied, moved on, not one was left chaste.
He never did rush, all doubts overcome.
A conquest; move on. All could be replaced.

Word of the Day October 18, 2015


Of this I have no doubt.
My opinion is fair stout.
Defeasible it's not.
At least, that's what I thought.

Word of the Day October 17, 2015


We dree some words and celebrate others.
Archaic, strange may not be our druthers.
Simple, direct, a word of today.
Will come again soon. Okay?

Word of the Day October 15, 2015


His sign was marred by mackle.
He blamed the uneven spackle.
A second try he'd tackle.
On a smoother surface - which ruined the rhythm of the rhyme but produced a much better looking result.

Word of the Day October 14, 2015


No, I will not stay.
"Levant." I'll run away.
Far from home, my dear.
No safe haven here.

On far shores I'll stand.
But little money in my hand.
That old job, I shove.
It's you I'll miss, my love.

["Levante se" said my Spanish teacher to have us stand, along with "Siente se" to get us seated again. Maybe there's some of the "get up and go" to this day's word.]

Word of the Day October 7, 2015


Social Engineering
What was private is not.
It's out there a lot
A cracker will dox,
Crack open your box.

Cracker, miscalled a hacker.
Crackers misuse, hearts blacker.
Hackers find holes that leak.
Software needs security tweak.

Word of the Day October 5, 2015


Unlike a calf or foal
There's a fish we call the sole
Which has eyes together
On just one side, but not the other.

It skims along the bottom
To hide so no predator got 'em.
But they take man's bait
and wind up on a plate.

You may judge this rhyme as one-sided. You would be right. The flatfish is the very soul of ipsilateral existence.

Word of the Day October 1, 2015


Once we open life's door.
Our work is to explore.
To face the questions asked.
Solve the problems tasked.

Our methods are terrific
If we do them scientific.
Algorithm, plan and execute.
Think through. Be astute.

Keep your eyes wide open
And live with lots of hope and
Face each day prepared
for hard work. Don't be scared.

Follow after trusted guides.
Gather with your tribes.
When worrying at the bone
You need not work alone.

Word of the Day September 30, 2015


Lingulate leaves quiver with the breeze.
Berries burst below in threes.
But do not eat them if you please.
Deadly poison. Your heart will seize.

Word of the Day September 29, 2015


Reshoring is restoring,
But it often leaves me snoring.
New jobs we get, they say,
But give just half the pay.

Word of the Day September 24, 2015


Children in costumes walking the streets.
Many complex and looking quite dandy.
Some of them only in Mamma's sheets.
Crying "Trick or treat!" for their candy.

Halloween cannot come too soon.
Craniate creatures are really keen.
Zombies munching brains with a spoon.
Hundreds of candy wraps strewn on the scene.

Word of the Day September 18, 2015


In all, they've learned a lot.
You'll gainsay, I will not.
Your gameplay is a plot
To ruin their rep, you snot!

Word of the Day August 5, 2015


A poet stands a
Lot of life, gazing
At the world, a
Frail home, phasing.

The second stanza
Of the rhyme
Holds togetha
But little time.

The third today
At last we see
The point in play:
Just rhyme quite free.

-------------------- Bonus?

There was an actor
Named Tony Danza
His career, we'll factor
Is worth one stanza.

Word of the Day July 28, 2015


The work of landscaping
Involves some dirt scraping.
Then raking and seeding
Shrub planting and weeding.

Whether do-it-yourself
Or by hiring an elf,
The result is the same,
Put neighbors to shame.

Word of the Day July 21, 2015


Shoo, skat, go away!
We have no time today.
Come again tomorrow
To see if my kids can play.

Shuffled feet in scuffed shoes
Turned away by ones and twos.
Back down the road.
They sang the blues.

Four days now in a row
The same results. You know
There's something wrong
When those kids don't show.

Word of the Day July 13, 2015


Sue set the table
With delicacies selectable.
Afterwards John thought
She was the most delectable.

Word of the Day July 11, 2015


Trying are the times,
Producing dangerous rhymes.
The marching songs of rebels,
Treacherous basses and trebles.

Word of the Day July 7, 2015


I make this sincere apology.
I know naught of grapholgogy.
I know the word, which, I have heard,
But lack any knowledge, see?

Word of the Day July 3, 2015


What you suggest makes me blush.
And you are in too much a rush.
Erubescent are my cheeks.
And much much more is flush.

Word of the Day July 2, 2015

dappy cheerleader


June is extremely happy.
Her joy borders on dappy.
Her life seems to be ideal
While mine is really crappy.

Word of the Day June 30, 2015


Because it was an allegory,
Charlie wrote a longer story.
No matter how he tried
He just could not briefly fit the whole moral meaning of the tale inside.

Word of The Day June 28, 2015


The teams of sport don't seem to appreciate the decad.
Baseball: nine, basketball: five, football and cricket: eleven, egad!
But then there's lacrosse. Been played with a thousand on a side
The modern game has ten, not too crowded on the bus ride.

Word of the Day May 10, 2015

vanquish all fear


Vanquish, friends, all sorrow.
The sun will rise tomorrow.
If you don't see it, that's too bad.
So make today the best you've had.

Word of the Day May 6, 2015


Joe worked on the problem.
He strained his whole noodle.
He thought how to rob them
Of their kit and caboodle.

So he called in the gang
And explained the neat plan.
But wouldn't know, Dang.
Getaway: no gas in the van.

Word of the Day April 30, 2015

crinkled paper


His little bell did tinkle.
The paper, he did crinkle.
His shower, it did sprinkle.
His skin, then did wrinkle.

Word of the Day April 28, 2015


No smelly smoke, no noxious smog.
Turtles watch from the log.
An electric car at idle
On the lane, an idyll.

Word of the Day April 27, 2015


The house was made resplendent.
As were all attendant.
The party was successful
But clean-up sure was stressful.

Word of the Day April 23, 2015

abhorrent grub lunch


The policemen had a warrant.
Their words rushed out in torrent.
"Hands up, you're under arrest."
Evidence of guilt you can't protest.

Vile and evil were your deeds.
In minds of youth you planted weeds.
And didn't even pay your rent. Both acts and words abhorrent.

Word of the Day April 21, 2015

recumbent pedestrian


You must be sharp to avoid being blunt.
It takes lots of skill to pull off the stunt
Of keeping on task and moving ahead
With no hebetude, sloth or lay-abed.

So go take your shower to smell like a flower.
Eat a good breakfast at an early hour.
Get out the door and into the car.
But recall it's the weekend before you get too far.

Word of the Day April 20, 2015



There is scant chance I'll gorge today.
Too skint to buy a meal, OK?
Worry not, I'll eat, not starve.
I'll put the touch on good old Harve.

Word of the Day April 14, 2015


I will not be crass
Nor speak ill of the lass.
Still I will admire
The fine curve of her...hip.

Word of the Day March 31, 2015


Archaic, arcane,
These words are a pain.
But quodlibet sustain.
It pleases my brain.

Word of the Day March 24, 2015


This falling mist
I do insist,
When it is gone
It won't be missed.

The mist did rout
So should I shout?
Bright sun today,
Yet no hooray.

Spring isn't here
Twenties, cold, clear.
Winter's sort of cold
This, too, gets old.

Let truth prevail
Snow is my grail.
Been great this year.
New record here.

With summer, some
High heat will come.
Ninety plus, too hot
For me. Snow not.

For @emoontx on Twitter - in sections. March 21-23, 2015


There is nothing zanier
Than the feast neomenia.
Rosh Codesh, the Law.
Trumpets, burnt lamb, no flaw.

Once a month with no delay.
Stop to feast, not play.
Music played to glorify
Burned meat, God to supply.

Word of the Day March 20, 2015


The need always was
A place to put scuzz.
Often a bucket's
The place you may tuck it.

So do not aspire
Scuzz to acquire.
Once a scuzzbucket
You later can't shuck it.

Repute will be ill.
Society nill.
All out of luck it
Is life of scuzzbucket.

Word of the Day March 19, 2015



Norm is no kid bein'.
A lot of life he's been in.
No random choice,
He is nullifidian.

Word of the Day March 18, 2015


Leslie Nielsen acted angry
Or parts with suave demeanor.
But after joining "Airplane!", he
Will always be a farceur.

Word of the Day March 17, 2015


Listless and lazy.
Everything hazy.
Working it through.
Tomorrow will do.

There's no need to rush.
Anxiety, hush.
Relax today.
Tomorrow's okay.

Word of the Day March 9, 2015



Drink it down, dear; no drop waste.
Bitter at the end, odd taste.
Nocuous draft, carefully placed
To send you off with painful haste.

My own quaff, taste lingers sweet.
Same color, smell, liquor neat.
You'll go. I'll stay. Your cash, my treat.
Goodbye, you beast. In hell we'll meet.

Word of the Day March 5, 2015

The Sound of Round

A shout, a curse
We may rehearse
While seldom voice
A gentle verse.

I've rarely found
Smooth sound of round
While things too sharp
My ears astound.

Weakness of the mind, perhaps,
Holds hugs meaner than slaps.
Still, scarce though they be,
Grab tight the loving scraps.

Unpublished elsewhere, as yet. (March 4, 2014)

Semicolon - Punctuation on Grammar Day

Your thought I've stolen;
"Punctuate correctly."
Sentences connect, see?
Appropriate, a semicolon.

Tweet to @wisekaren March 4, 2015

Though, maybe this works better.

Your thought I've stolen;
"Punctuate correctly."
Appropriate, a semicolon.
Sentences connect, see?


Cal told his joke
With voice fortissimo.
A jolly bloke,
Though very loud, you know.

Word of the Day March 4, 2015


John takes good care to dress, but his hair is always a mess.
No brush no comb can cure the disaster of his dome.
Whether walking dog or even cat, John should always wear a hat.
One thing that's very sure, John overpays his coiffeur.

Word of the Day February 28, 2015


Benny Luck lives life luxe,
Fancy cars and shiny trucks.
He owes all his fancy life
To his wife's abundant bucks.

Word of the Day February 26, 2015



I don't mean to be thrasonical.
I simply mean to boast.
Breakfast making is my thing.
I never burn the toast.

Word of the Day February 24, 2015

Jeunesse Dorée

Click, Clique.
Money does the trick
You're jeunesse dorée
So we know you are okay.

No sorrow, no dismay.
Black or white, no shade of gray.
Success is guaranteed,
Inherit parents' greed.

Think of others, if at all
As losers, down the hall.
In those classrooms known as shops
They'll eventually grow your crops.

They'll fix your cars.
Work in your bars.
Deliver your oil
For YOU they toil.

It is their lot
To take your snot
And make you happy
Though their pay is crappy.

Word of the Day February 21, 2015


Rush is such that in a clutch
Just grab what's in the bedroom hutch.
When that is old or very odd
Our vestiture will cause a nod,

An eybrow raised, half-hidden snear.
But that is not our biggest fear.
What makes us start awake at night.
Is that the style will become "right."

Word of the Day February 18, 2015



The notice has been sent.
I'm feeling ebullient.
I've made my case today.
With no pesky shades of gray.

I love the snow, I do.
Though I'm one of very few
Who like it when it falls
And, too, when the shovel calls.

Word of the Day February 16, 2015


Be mine.
Prime time!

Kiss me now
You fool.
We are out
Of school.

Blizzard snow
Will come

Word of the Day February 14, 2015


There must be a solution
To Henry's elocution
Which isn't very good, surprise!
Stutters, ums, mumbles, sighs...

Word of the Day February 6, 2015


Dotty was doughty.
She was also dusty.
Covered with flour
Each and every hour.

Apprenticed to a Quaker
Worked hard as a baker.
Practicing her trade
Bread dough she made.

Four AM routine
Disrupted by a scene.
Earthquake shook the bakery.
Doughty Dotty got doughy.

Word of the Day February 4, 2015


The essence of his esse
Was that he was messy.
If he washed his face
He'd leave his hair in soggy strands.

He was a sincere fellow.
Girls all thought him mellow.
To compensate for mess
Extra hanky in their dress.

Word of the Day February 3, 2015


A lass cried "Alack!"
When her boyfriend didn't come back.
He'd gone to the store.
After that she lost track.

Word of the Day January 23, 2015


"Positively peevish!"
He had only three fish.
So feelings were bad.
Worst catch he'd had.

Most days a champ,
Best in the camp
Now face those chumps
He'd take his lumps.

Word of the Day January 18, 2015



It came into John's noodle
That he should grab his boodle
Stick it in a bundle
And from town he'd trundle.

The lawmen were too near now.
Surrounded by their gear, wow!
Rough justice they'd tender,
Forcing his surrender.

Though he was without leisure,
He buried deep his treasure.
Much after his demise,
Another'd find the prize.

Word of the Day January 8, 2015


Jenny watched the giant bug
As it vainly tried to frug.
Considering the execution
She'd rather sit on a rug.

[The ODO pronunciation rhymes with bug, but I seem to hear something more like "froog" in my audible memory.]
[Wikipedia says "froog" too. Considering that, the quatrain above fails miserably.]

Bob gave his car a lube.
And then he danced the frug.
His hair was greasy, too.
Pulled back in a snood.

"Froog" stumped me for good rhyming words. Sadly, the second quatrain fails again.

Word of the Day January 4, 2015.



Betty Knittle was very little.
She was also totally kittle.
She drove her harried husband
Till he shouted words with spittle.


Word of the Day January 2, 2015



"I'll take a pair o' deez."
Sam spoke in parodies.
His speech on normal days
Impeccable in all its ways.


Word of the Day December 24, 2014


This verse
is terse
and worse,
here comes the hearse.

A tweet - November 22, 2014



The nurse
was terse.
what's worse,
The doctor was actually quite voluble. He never seemed to be able to get to the point. He rambled on and on, adding conditional elements making his verbose diagnosis almost impossible to follow.

IBDoF Word of the Day November 22, 2014



I have no animus against the inanimate.
But this morning, there's no excuse to be late.
The clocks went back to standard, Jack.
An hour more of sleep. You should be on track.

IBDoF Word of the Day November 2, 2014



Feelings far from emotional.
My engagement is just notional.
My heart's not full devotional.
Flat. "Where's that potion, Al?"

IBDoF Word of the Day October 29, 2014



At the beach we are lean,
Wearing bikinis, very keen.
Get the described scene?
Now imagine us oleaginous.

IBDoF Word of the Day October 24, 2014



Sally stood.
She looked good.
She was no prude.
She stood there nude.

Modesty aside.
Stares taken in stride.
Nothing to hide.

IBDoF Word of the Day September 18, 2014

Symphonic Zone

Submitting something significant.
Somethng more than silly rant.
Zero chance that it will really work.
Zap. There, for one. Something scant.

Senses sharp, numerous thoughts in flux,
Streamed ideas pass by like ducks.
Zane Gray no source to help out this whelp.
Zen, though, might be a little help.

Zoos pull together eclectic mix.
Zebras, pythons and emu chicks.
Such is the creative symphony.
Small parts combine in sympathy.

The Daily Create #980



Set aside your worries.
Let me allay your fears.
Though your little mind scurries.
There should be no more tears.

Your mother's at your side.
And Dad is down the hall.
Safely here do you abide.
No matter that you're small.

Though wind may howl and blow.
The house is very strong.
Tomorrow, dear, you'll see snow.
And sing a happy song.

So close your eyes and sleep.
And dream of cheerful stuff.
Love wraps you and is quite deep.
And that, son, is enough.

IBDoF Word of the Day September 4, 2014

[E.P.S at IBDoF asked if there was a score to accompany the poem. I replied.]

resting score

No hooray!
No score to play.
Nada, no way.
Null, I say.

Allay away.
Make no delay.
Do wordplay.
Allez, allez!

[E.P.S., Do you have a piano and a ream of blank score sheets handy?]

IBDoF Word of the Day September 4, 2014



There is no intent to be abusive.
This word of the day won't be intrusive.
Though complete happiness will always be ellusive,
And the smile on my face will be illusive.

IBDoF Word of the Day August 25, 2014



Whether you're early or late
We'll never, you, vituperate.
Any contribution, fine
A story long or single line.

If you wish to only read
To have your thoughts our hearts will bleed.
So join in and write today.
Hear all our cheers. Hip, hip, hooray!

IBDoF Word of the Day August 27, 2014


Harvey harbored hidden hubris.
He won't want you to know this.
He fakes displayed humility
As though just through will, it be.

IBDoF Word of the Day August 23, 2014


She knows disks of IDE or SATA.
With RAID she's a total pro.
She's my inamorata.
A sysop, don't you know.

Tresses to her backside fall.
Her tee shirts generously small.
Everything about her
Keeps me in her thrall.

IBDoF Word of the Day August 22, 2014



I'm not feeling solemn.
That is certain, sure.
Lighthearted, I tell them.
Nothing to abjure.

Tomorrow may be different.
The morning may bring change.
After all I've misspent.
I'll want to rearrange.

IBDoF Word of the Day August 19, 2014


With simple hope we scheme.
Pretend we are a team
Is that all that I can ask,
Only semblance, just a dream?

IBDoF Word of the Day August 4, 2014


Molly had an appetite.
She ate anything in sight.
Until the tragic night
That the door became too tight.

She started on a diet
Just so she could try it.
The apposite plan, apply it.
Her success, you can't deny it.

Hank, the tank, was not an apposite example, but an opposite one. He's now 600 pounds. Zounds!

IBDoF Word of the Day July 28, 2014


Hirsute Mary,
Hairy Harry,
Almost setose,
Bound to marry.
[Pity their children.]

IBDoF Word of the Day July 24, 2014


Imogen aspired to asperity.
Her work was not for charity.
Her laugh had no hilarity.
She dearly craved barbarity.

IBDoF Word of the Day July 21, 2014


Acrid in her scent,
On perfume she had not spent.
Acid personality
Living alone came naturally.

IBDoF Word of the Day July 20, 2014


There was a boy named Quallo
Who was recognized as callow.
He thought himself real deep
But was, for sure, quite shallow.

IBDoF Word of the Day July 19, 2014



Mark wanted to be a mogul
But he had no show pull.
His movies were weak
No script, so to speak.

He kept at his trade.
Improved what he made
But nothing got better
'Till the academy's letter.

He had been selected
To have work protected
From copyright infringers
With tools from digital ninjas.

The trouble with that,
Fewer people sat
To endure his stuff
Yeah, life is sure tough.

IBDof Word of the Day July 15, 2014


Take care when you are marryin'
In case she's a grammarian.
Mean "I shall" and "I will" when you say "I do."
Then anything she asks, be sure you follow through.

IBDof Word of the Day July 12, 2014



Alf's wife was ALWAYS ornery.
Alf always at pub at the corner, see?
She grimaced and frowned;
The scorn was real loud without even a sound.

Alf shrugged and slipped out.
He'd have just one stout.
Be back in a flash
With just a little less cash.

The a nap would be nice.
His second best vice.
The wife could pound sand.
Isn't life grand?

IBDof Word of the Day July 1, 2014


Sally had an inkling
Sue would do a rink thing.
She had no anticipation
The horse stuff was so stinking.

IBDoF Word of the Day June 28, 2014



Lookin' lousy,
Feelin' frowzy,
All my days
I spend so drowsy.

A nap can aid,
But then I've stayed
Asleep through dinner,
My goals betrayed.

So take a shower
And shave for power.
Go out to party
Don't waste an hour.

IBDoF Word of the Day June 19, 2014


To stay in this frame
Keep playing the game?
No worries mate.
It's really been great!

A month or a year
Sell off your gear.
Go out as you came
Nothing to claim.

Clearly senescent.
Also acquiescent.
End coming near.
No need to fear.

Oh, hell no!
Not ready to go.
If it happens at all.
You bet I will squall.

IBDoF Word of the Day June 18, 2014


Since my comments are glib
And I'm inclined to fib,
It should be no surprise
Another wins the prize.

Natick Patch June 16, 2014


Words at play,
Have fun today.
The skies are gray,
but we're OK.

WotD Natick Patch May 28, 2014


May Be

It may be May.
As the calendars say.
It already has been hot,
But today it sure is not.


in an email to my granddaughters, Savannah and Sadie May 18,2014

WotD: mage


Horace slowly turned the page,
He was learned as a sage.
There was no sense of awe
That he was also quite the mage.

He kept lions in a cage.
To show off on the stage.
Doing a trick with the saw.
And a girl of younger age.

IBDoF Word of the Day April 21, 2014


When you go out and try to surf.
The things you do should cut a kerf
Into the wave you slice, although,
The cut's not straight but curved, you know.

Kali Anastasi, as the Greeks say
On Easter, when spring gains sway.
Or celebrate the passing over
Or just enjoy the sun in Dover.

Cut yourself some slack.
Lighten loads from your back.
It is Sunday after all.
Enjoy family dinner and all.

Tomorrow, unless you're in Boston,
You'll calculate the cost, an'
Return to Monday's work.
Unless you're just a jerk.

IBDoF Word of the Day April 20,2014

WotD: hispid


Hairy Harry married hirsute Mary.
Their kids came soon. They didn't tarry.
They all were bushy, bearded, scary.
Most lacked hispid bristles, except for Larry.




IBDoF Word of the Day April 11, 2014



My ideas may be specious.
With reasoning that's blurred.
And yet you must acknowledge
No casuist, absurd!




IBDoF Word of the Day March 15,2014


Sugar is sweet and is cheaper than honey,
And dextrose from corn costs still less money.
So make a decision and choose your bad habit.
Dulcify your way, but there's no need to blab it.

IBDoF Word of the Day March 9,2014


You ought never trust
To the promise of tryst.
You may hope if you must
But may not insist.

Your lover's first kiss
Is never the best.
Mere start is a miss
Lest follows the rest.

Laundry loads, splinters
False starts and failed schemes
Warm hugs through long winters
Reaching grandchildren's dreams.

IBDoF Word of the Day January 24, 2014


On the Brink

She teetered and quivered.
While walking she shivered.
She sacrificed for fashion.
Seeking to stoke his passion.

He strode along eagerly.
His arm offered rightly.
She clung, nay she hung.
To socially move up a rung.

Her heels tapped and clacked,
Practiced walk, straight tracked.
The dinner was planned
And she'd give him her hand.

Her answer would be quick
To the offered treat and not trick.
If he asked to marry.
To answer she'd not tarry.

The future'd be bright
If after tonight
She was his one love.
His wife - and his one love.

IBDoF Word of the Day January 16, 2014



Joe tried to just lie doggo.
In bag just like a log. Oh,
But then the jacks of lumber
Grabbed him up from deepest slumber.

The whine of the huge chipper
And ears covered, looking hipper,
Masked Joe's screams of terror.
His squirms forstayed grave error.

Joe resolved to do his future eco-activism upright, waving his arms and wearing bright orange overalls.

IBDoF Word of the Day January 14, 2014


You've reached a point
Life's out of joint.
The past is gone.
You're but a pawn.

The up is jigged.
The game is rigged.
Make final vow;
Breathe deeply now.

Bemoan your fate.
But it's too late.
The damage done
There's no more fun.

IBDoF Word of the Day January 8, 2014



Friends, there is no need to worry,
Fear not the portents nor the signs.
With many branches, many tines,
The next decision needs no hurry.

The road ahead has many forks,
And picking one or choosing which
Will keep me safely from the ditch
Still well ahead of all you dorks.

IBDoF Word of the Day December 27, 2013


Winner by Acclaim

No need to evaluate,
To mark or to rate.
He's simply too great.
A judge we obviate.

IBDoF Word of the Day December 16, 2013



Harry wanted to marry
His girlfriend, with stunning tresses, Carrie.
They hugged and they kissed and frequently cuddled.
Getting beyond first base, Harry routinely struggled.

Carrie wasn't shy. That wasn't it.
With her kisses, she held back not one little bit.
But she wasn't about to remove her suit.
To reveal that she was seriously hirsute.

Harry persisted. Carrie resisted.
Harry persevered. Carrie was cheered.
She agreed to be married. Over threshold she was carried.
Now their toddlers' heads are curly, and they've started shaving early.

IBDoF Word of the Day December 4, 2013

Querulous Face


It doesn't pay to whine and say,
"I don't like this dinner."
You should not be so querulous.
No food at all will make you thinner.

IBDoF Word of the Day November 30, 2013


Jocko jumped.
Nay, he leaped.
He soared with grand bravado.
His bound a fine gambado.

IBDoF Word of the Day November 27, 2013


Louis was a brilliant teen.
His friends all thought him really keen.
But though otherwise very clean,
He drowned his hair in brilliantine.

IBDoF Word of the Day November 23, 2013


Lukas limped toward the laager.
Gone was his typical swagger.
He'd visited the latrine
After finishing his lager.

The wagons were close now.
Gotten lost, didn't know how.
A stumble, hand to the ground.
The lion's growl. His own final howl.

IBDoF Word of the Day October 17, 2013


Robert, Rob, Bob, Bobby.
Hypocoristic games were his hobby.
Longer, shorter, didn't matter.
Even if the nickname didn't flatter.

Richard, Ricky, Richy, Dicky,
Bob himself wasnt picky.
Call him any, loser/winner.
Just don't call him late for dinner.

IBDoF Word of the Day October 16, 2013


Bill fawned over Ada, queen of the digerati.
Kind to a fault, she never was snotty.
Her skills with coding couldn't be better.
She built a computer just to knit him a sweater.

IBDoF Word of the Day October 14, 2013


Pete was an athlete who wasn't a tiny bit effete.
Pete wasn't neat. With sweat, he did overheat.
Muddy from the rugby pitch, he often appeared to live in a ditch.
He yearned to be an aesthete, with love of art, he was replete.

IBDoF Word of the Day October 8, 2013


You may expect a long discourse.
To fill the time as you ride your horse.
The problem is ellipsis, dear.
The one which happens...

IBDoF Word of the Day October 2, 2013


Freud was psychoanalytic.
Some patients, anaclitic.
His livelyhood depended on their needs
So wasn't he metaphorically parasitic?

IBDoF Word of the Day September 25, 2013


Lorie loved Luther who lived to be a luthier.
She told him she would love him, no strings attached.
Luther longed for Lorie, too.
But he couldn't quite get her attitude, no strings? How would that harmonize with his daily work?

Ted thought tunes should be tootier. His passion, making brass.
He gave Luther grief with full measure of sass.
Lorie, caught in the middle,
Didn't know whether to blow or continue to fiddle.

She sat in her settee.
And drank her chinese tea.
Should she become unstrung,
And just give the whole thing up as too much cacophony, and dump both men to go to a nunnery?

IBDoF Word of the Day August 24, 2013


In foul juices was he stewin'.
Early work forgotten.
Roué!" shouted women.
He ended life in ruin.

IBDof Word of the Day - August 19, 2013


Rejoice and raise your lusty voice.
Sing the song both loud and long.
Show your spirit's very strong.
Formal or patois, your choice.

IBDoF Word of the Day - August 11, 2013


Theo was a thug.
Theo, always smug,
Got his daily portion
Through regular extortion.

IBDoF Word of the Day - August 8, 2013

Sysadmin Day

There is no doubt.
Shout, yes shout it out.
Unsung sysadmins
Know what it's all about.

Google+ Comment - July 27, 2013

Drunkard's Trope

Harry had the tendency to tope.
He had trouble on the slope.
To travel either up or down.
He had to hold the rope.

IBDof Word of the Day - July 24, 2013

July 24th

Rain on my lawn.
Humidity, gone.
Expecting new weather?
Summer's not done.

Tweet and Google+ - July 24, 2013

Baby Royal

A baby! A baby!
Brits run around like crazy.
If I cared, I'd be ensared.
But I think I'm just too lazy.

Tweet - July 23, 2013 -- ;-) [humor]


All factions stood silently outside the plant. No conversation was necessary.
The overwhelming smell assaulted all whose [b]olfaction was ordinary.
The mayor looked around and everyone signed assent.
The old factory had to go to give the town a better scent.

IBDoF Word of the Day - July 23, 2013


I thought I had a widget.
Keytap with stray digit.
Must learn not to fidget.
Now friends say, "He's an idjit!"

Tweet - July 22, 2013


And my spurs went jingle, jangle, jingle
As I rode my horse into the dingle.
The path was narrow.
A file would need to be single.

IBDoF Word of the Day - July 21, 2013


Pirate Pete attacked the pleasure boat fleet.
He was so bold, never had been beat.
He gazed through his spyglass,
Looking for a likely lass.

He didn't use binoculars; his patch made that silly.
A monocular sufficed, but sounded too frilly.
He swung himself onto the last of the craft.
Sending shivers through the crew, he menacingly laughed.

IBDoF Word of the Day - June 20, 2013


Irene incessantly imbibed the local malt,
Her days filled up with alcohol assault.
Intemperate choices and habits bad,
Will a future day, make someone sad.

IBDoF Word of the Day - June 08, 2013


Shorty, turning forty, loved his party.
He and friends were intentionally rorty.
He sang and danced and ate quite hearty.
Then he drank 'till midnight, not coffee, nor tea.

IBDoF Word of the Day - June 02, 2013

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