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Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management, also known as "DRM", is an attempt to lock down digital content. With DRM, companies can "protect" a book or movie or audio recording from unauthorized duplication. Often the term "piracy" is applied by copyright holders when unauthorized duplication occurs. More accurately, such duplication is copyright infringement. Copyright infringement is illegal. It is wrong, but DRM is "defective-by-design" because it restricts end users from exercising their full rights under copyright laws. In effect, DRM means you never really own your copy of the work. DRM can make it impossible to read your book, the one you paid for, on both your tablet and your laptop, for instance. Because of the way "the cloud" operates, the work may not even be stored on the device with which you read, listen or watch.

Fortunately, DRM is not a requirement of copyright laws. It is my right as an author/creator to license my work with specific intent that it be shared, DRM-free.

In my case, the license is typically the Creative Commons Attribution license. You are encouraged to share creative work you download from my site with the understanding that you identify me as the author. Some work is even more free, licensed with a Public Domain Declaration completely freeing the work from ANY restriction. When you download work from anybody, understand your responsibilities. Comply with the terms of the license. Thanks.

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