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Plates of the States

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This project has been finished for a while, but my son and his fiancé got this neat map of the USA for my birthday in 2016. It seemed fitting to add the image of it to this web page.

Nebraska came to Natick today, August 17, 2013. We went to the library for our weekly book fix. On the way home, there it was, a car at the body shop on South Avenue. On that car, a long-sought license plate. The anguish and sleepless nights are over. The final photo of the license plate set has been taken. The quest is done!

Total elapsed time for the challenge: January 3, 2009 to August 17, 2013 -- 4 years, 7½ months.
Patience and perseverence pays!

Nebraska License Plate

Some Web pages are trivial, like this one. It was planned to be simply the photographs of license plates from the 50 United States and some others, perhaps, like DC, Govt. plates, etc. The only thing that might make it at all interesting is that the photos will all come from shots taken with my own cameras. The plates will, therefore, need to be on cars I see [when I have a camera!], and that means they will almost all be in eastern Massachusetts when I take the photographs. Time will tell how the project turns out. There will be blanks for a long time.

We did take a trip to Pennsylvania in April '09, and we saw lots of plates as we were driving, but it isn't possible to get photos safely while traveling at 65 miles per hour (105 kph). Opportunities missed...oh, well. I guess the shots will still mostly come from parking lots in Massachusetts.

On April 15, 2010, I got a photo of a Wyoming plate, I'd had five to go for quite a while, and now just four more. I'm going to be a chaperone for the trip to Washington, D.C. next week. Maybe I'll get lucky there. It is school vacation week and there may be people in the capital from the states I still need, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota and West Virginia. I'm willing to bet the trip will give me my best shot at West Virginia, at least.

A long time has passed, about a year. It is June of 2011 and I'm stalled. Only Nevada and North Dakota remain to catch. I'll admit, I don't go searching as intensely as I used to. I'm resigned to stumbling upon them.

North Dakota #49, right in front of me

The penultimate stumble has happened. As I pulled to a stop at the traffic light by the Wellesley, MA fire station, there was a car bearing a North Dakota plate. That leaves me with Nebraska as the one "hole" in the grid below. Will the quest be complete in 2012? It's been almost three years. I spoke to someone who said her family does a game of plate ID on their annual trip to Maine and that they always get all fifty. They certainly have sharper eyes than I do.

Still no Nebraska as of 2013-06-28, though my sister-in-law saw a car with Nebraska plates in Wellesley. There seems to be some hope I'll cross paths with it. Most recent addition is Prince Edward Island from May, 2013, not part of my initial challenge, but a kind of lateral progress, I guess.

First posted January 3, 2009
(26 June 21, 2009 - 35 as of August 1, 2009 - 41 as of Labor Day Sept. 7, 2009, 46 by 4/15/2010 - 49 by 8/21/2012) - 50 (8/17/2013
image: Alabama plate
image: Alaska plate
image: Arizona Plate
image: plate of Arkansas
image: California plate
image: colorado plate
image: Connecticut plate
image: Delaware plate
plate image: Florida
image: plate georgia
image: Hawaii plate
image: Idaho plate
image: Illinois plate
image: plate Indiana
image: plate Iowa
image: Kansas plate
image: Kentucky plate
image: plate Louisiana
image: Maine plate
image: Maryland plate
image: Massachusetts Plate
plate image: Michigan
image: Minnesota Plate
image: plate of Mississippi
plate image: Missouri
image: Montana plate
image: Nevada plate
image: New Hampshire plate
New Hampshire

image: New Jersey plate
New Jersey
plate image: New Mexico
New Mexico
image: plate New York
New York
plate image: North Carolina
North Carolina
plate: North Dakota
North Dakota
image: Ohio plate
image: Oklahoma plate
image: plate of Oregon
image: Pennsylvani plate
image: Rhode Island plate
Rhode Island
image: South Carolina plate
South Carolina
image: South Dakota
South Dakota
image: Tennessee plate
image: Texas Plate
image: Utah plate
plate: Vermont

image: Virginia plateVirginia
image: Washington plate
image: plate West Virginia
West Virginia
plate image: Wisconsin
image: Wyoming Plate

Non US Plates and unusual plates:
plate: Massachusetts Pupils
Massachusetts has special plates for school busses.
image: plate ma-official
Official Massachusetts vehicles have a special plate.
image: Consul plate
Consul Plate (US)s
plate image: US Govt.
US Govt. Gen. Services Admin.
image: Washington DC
District of Columbia
image: North Carolina transporter plate
North Carolina, Transporter
image: Brunswick Canada
New Brunswick, Canada
image: plate of Ontario
Ontario, Canada
image: Quebec, Ca plate
Quebec, Canada
Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island, Canada
image: Nova Scotia plate
Nova Scotia, Canada
image: Nuevo Leon, Mexico plate
Nuevo Leon, Mexico