Miscelaneous Photography

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image: cloth
Cloth of pants - knee folds

image: sunset
Sunset from parking lot near Natick Mall

image: carts in lot
Some people have less time than you do.

Fall Fun
Fall Fun

image: driveway ice
After snowstorm and clearing the driveway, there was some ice.

image: snowbank
Snow. I love it. Shoveling, I love that, too.

image: lakeshore
Local Lakeshore

image: South Natick Dam
Dam on Charles River in South Natick

image: trees in snow
Trees, nicely clothed in snow.

Local lake at sunset.

Eleanor Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt in the FDR Memorial

Grade 8 DC Trip 2011
Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Iwo Jima Marine Memorial
Marine Memorial "Iwo Jima" last battle listed

National Cathedral, Washington DC
Pew Seat at National Cathedral

image: squash masquerade
Produce Confusion

image: South Pond Dawn
Dawn - a moment of balance

Message from Sol
Message from Sol