Introduction to Computers
Using Ubuntu

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Deprecated - Out of Date

This version of the Introduction to Computers with Ubuntu Unity has been set aside. It was the first pre-release for Natick FOSS discussion.

Please go to the current version information instead. Thanks.

Adults learners may need to re-engage with the "playful exploration" they enjoyed as children. Children are naturally curious, and they have the extra understanding that they do not believe that failing to accomplish their goals right away is a reason to stop trying.

For many adults, a computer seems like something "kids understand" because the kids don't obsess over the details they don't get at first. Realizing that learning a computer is a bunch of small steps, adults can learn to play again. Computers are very fault tolerant.

This page is a link to some materials intended for use in the Natick Senior Center where a computer has been installed with Ubuntu, a set of GNU/Linux software.
We hope it will be helpful. All are welcome to use it and improve it. It is released using a Creative Commons Attribution licence (cc-by).

The biggest benefits of GNU/Linux and Ubuntu are:
There is a guide being developed: Intro-Ubuntu with a companion practice file. Both are Open Document Format (ODF) and may be used with programs like LibreOffice (in which the guide is developing), OpenOffice, and other word processing programs. (The file will not be released in MSWord format. The authors are encouraging the use of Free/Libre software.)

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