Title Image - Online Tools for your Classroom and Beyond - Algot Runeman

Thanks to all of you who attended "Online Tools for your Classroom and Beyond" at the Northeast Regional Conference on the Social Studies (NERC).

The materials linked below are from the session held Monday April 11, 2011. They are all liberally licensed for reuse, modification and reproduction (Creative Commons Attribution) [cc-by]. Please simply acknowledge the author, Algot Runeman, and provide a link to this page for others who may wish to refer to these original materials.


The documents are either links to files on this web site or Google Docs which are stored "in the cloud". The ones on this site have links for three formats: PDF for easy printing, doc files for use with Microsoft Word, and odt for use in word processors such as those in the software-freedom, open source LibreOffice and OpenOffice suites. Please report difficulties by email.

Presentation: a Google Doc file which can be used as-is direct from the link, but you may also dowload the file from Google Docs for reuse on your local computer.

Outline - The day-long session layout (in case you wish to replicate the session as an in-service event). [Google Doc]

Playful Exploration - You should read this document to understand the perspective of the presenter about how learning happens for adults. [PDF - DOC - ODT]

Creating Google Account - All participants of the session needed to create a Google account to be able to work with the mailing list and also for using Google Docs. [PDF - DOC - ODT] includes Google Groups/Mailing Lists- The group "NERC11-train" described in the document is an "invitation only" group. While members of the session from 2011 are encouraged to invite others, if you have come onto this page after the fact and wish to be part of the group, please contact Algot Runeman at the email link above for the opportunity to participate. The group is designed for online support following up the session at the conference. It may develop into a useful mailing list beyond that, but is intended for the participants to have a non-judgemental interactive support mechanism.

Google Docs - Those who chose to explore document creation and storage "in the cloud" used this document as a starting point. [Google Doc]

Blogging with Wordpress.com - Those who chose to explore developing a blog used this document as their guide. [Google Doc]

Twitter for a Professional Learning Network (PLN) - Those who chose to explore Twitter as a way to share common interests by following others of like mind used this document as their guide. [PDF - DOC - ODT]

Wikispaces for developing shared writing - Those who chose to explore wikis used this document as their guide. [PDF - DOC - ODT]

Shared Notetaking with Etherpad - Those who chose to explore simultaneous notetaking used this document as their guide. [PDF - DOC - ODT]