This is a gateway page to the test forum in the early planning stages for NERC45 to be held in April 2014.

A small "widget" should appear near the bottom-right corner of the window. That widget allows you to chat with others currently using the chat or leave comments about nerc45 for others to read later.

The idea is to evaluate this tool and possibly embed this widget on each of the session pages for NERC45. The necessary details for that have NOT BEEN DETERMINED. This is just a potential for the moment. The widget comes from outside the Wordpress ecosystem and may not integrate well. If we cannot actually embed the widget, a link to each of the discussions is definitely possible and easy to place on the session pages, just like links to presentation materials which are planned.

Moot is another future option which is linked from here.

Please note that the background images on this page are related to the 2013 NERC and may be updated once graphics are available from the 2014 conference booklet. In any case, this page is intended to be seen only by volunteers participating in preparations for the conference and isn't a public page.

If you have technical issues, contact:
Algot Runeman