Before MassCUE

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1978- There was a CUE in California, the first one, I think; and it produced a newsletter so there was something to read about computers (the only technology usually mentioned in those days.)

1977-1996, the Boston Computer Society hosted meetings all over Boston and the suburbs and had educator members. (Wikipedia article)

1977 International Council on Computers in Education (ICCE) which later became: The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

AppleFest met in Boston.

Did your school invest in a video disk (Laserdisk) player and disks?

Magazines were abundant. At one point, I read that there were over 100 different magazine titles devoted to computers. Some of my favorites:

I was able to find some archived material on the Internet.

Creative Computing Classroom Article

The author, David Ahl was a moving force behind Creative Computing

Things certainly have changed. I don't know of any of the early computer magazines that are still active. In 2009, the venerable PC Magazine became online digital only.

If you were a computer using educator before MassCUE started, what computer did you use?

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