Massachusetts Computer Using Educators, Inc. Historical Information


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President: Walter McKenzie (AnnaMaria Schrimpf took office at the fall conference.)
Vice President: Beverly Reber
Vice President Elect: AnnaMaria Schrimpf
Secretary: Ellen Driscoll
Treasurer:Linda Allen (resigned June)
Treasurer Elect: Roger Young (appointed to fill vacancy in June)
Elected Board Members:
Deborah Donohue
Brenda Dubrey (resigned January)
Wendy Haskell (replaces Brenda)
Priscilla Kotyk
Ragen Tiliakos
Appointed Board Members:
Lorelle Allessio
Linda Colvin (term ended at conference)
Casey Giordini
Michael Purdy
Steven Lamarche (resigned June)
Romeo Marquis (resigned September)
Gabrielle Richard-Harrington
Daniel Forhan, Lynn Zayac, Jean Tower (appointed Oct)


November 14 and 15 - Sturbridge Host - Sturbridge, MA

25 Anniversary Gala

Special thanks to all who organized the Gala: The "presentations" were fantastic!
MassCUE History Wiki - Official Launch!

Special Events:

Second MassCUE Initiative Grant 2007-2008
"Promoting Global Understanding With Information and Communications Technology"
Announced at the Conference
Grants Committee:
Chair- Bev Reber Members - Priscilla Kotyk, Joan Ciampa, Susan Carson, Ed Biggs
Brand new Tech: iPhone Chumby

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