Massachusetts Computer Using Educators, Inc. Historical Information


[Note: Like any other history/archive document, there will be new information. If you have any information you feel should be included in the MassCUE shared archives, please contact: Algot Runeman, MassCue historian.]


President: Laurie Keating
Vice President: Reza Namin (resigned) Walter McKenzie successor
Secretary: Elizabeth Bogardus(resigned) Ellen Driscoll (appointed)
Treasurer: Steven Lamarche (competed term Nov 2005) successor Kathy Galvin
Board:Linda Allen, Lorelle Allessio, Linda Colvin, Glenn Coolong(appointed Dec 1, 2005), , Deborah Donohue, Ellen Driscoll (apointed as Secretary), Brenda Dubrey (appointed Dec 1, 2005), Kathleen Galvin, Priscilla Kotyk, Walter McKenzie (appointed Vice President), Bev Reber, Ragen Tiliakos, Dorothy Wright


Special Events:

Board Retreat at Cape Cod Began exploring new directions for MassCUE ...


1st year of the SIG Universal Design in Learning- leaders Beth Knittle, Patty Gardiner

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