Massachusetts Computer Using Educators, Inc.
Historical Information


[Note: Like any other history/archive document, there will be new information. If you have any information you feel should be included in the MassCUE shared archives, please contact: Algot Runeman, MassCue historian.]


President: Earle Hancock
Vice President: Jane Manzelli
Treasurer: Pauline Lamarche
Secretary: Algot Runeman
At-Large: Chuck Drayton (SIG Coordinator), Joan Hamilton, Ron Koehler
Martin Huntley, Past President
Wayne G. Rego, School Committee Liaison
Bill Johnson, Outreach Coordinator
Jim Modena, Liaison to MAEM (librarians organization - recently MSLMA)
Rolf Erickson, Liaison from MAEM
Ginny Warn, Special Events Coordinator
Laurene Belisle, Conference Coordinator
John LeBaron, Higher Ed. Liaison
Gerri Abrams, Boston Computer Society Liaison
Linda Colvin, Vendor Coordinator
Laura Nash Peterson, Publicity Director
John Marsula, Publications Direcor and onCUE editor
Nancy Vose, Advertising Coordinator
Tony D'Acchioli, Liaison with Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents

"It has been a battle to get enough advertising to support the newsletter. The dollars come in on an issue-by-issue basis" (John Marsula, at the 7/29/92 board meeting)



In March the board was considering a change to Thursday/Friday because Saturday numbers were significantly lower than Friday at the 1993 conference.

Hot topics:

As of 1994 Moore's Law "Power of computer doubles and cost halves every 18 months" has gone through 32 iterations. Note that such doubling at this iteration has astronomical implications.

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