Massachusetts Computer Using Educators, Inc. Historical Information


[Note: Like any other history/archive document, there will be new information. If you have any information you feel should be included in the MassCUE shared archives, please contact: Algot Runeman, MassCue historian.]


President: Earle Hancock
Vice President: Jane Manzelli
Treasurer: Pauline Lamarche
Secretary: Algot Runeman
At-Large: Chuck Drayton (SIG Coordinator), Joan Hamilton, Ron Koehler
Appointed: Martin Huntley, Past President
Wayne G. Rego, School Committee Liaison
Bill Johnson, Outreach Coordinator
Jim Modena, Liaison to MAEM (librarians organization - recently MSLMA)
Rolf Erickson, Liaison from MAEM
Ginny Warn, Special Events Coordinator
Laurene Belisle, Conference Coordinator
John LeBaron, Higher Ed. Liaison
Other: Gerri Abrams, Boston Computer Society Liaison
Linda Colvin, Vendor Coordinator
Laura Nash Peterson, Publicity Director
John Marsula, Publications Direcor and onCUE editor "It has been a battle to get enough advertising to support the newsletter. The dollars come in on an issue-by-issue basis" (John Marsula, at the 7/29/92 board meeting)
Nancy Vose, Advertising Coordinator
Tony D'Acchioli, Liaison with Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents


Holiday Inn, Worcester - October 22-23 - Marcy Reed, Conference Program Chair. As of September 24, 1993, there were 42 vendor tables sold to 32 vendors. This was the first year MassCUE had large numbers of purchase orders used to pay for conference attendance. In December, there were $20,000 in POs to be paid to us.

Special Events:

35-40 MassCUE members participated as volunteers in a software fair run by the Museum of Science. 10-12 thousand people attended the event.
Retreat - May 13-14


As of July 1993, all counties except Franklin and Berkshire have a MassCUE SIG.

SIGs maintained boxes of 5 1/4 inch and 3.5 inch disks with freeware and shareware programs to be duplicated for those who attended meetings of the SIG. The disks were duplicated with the help of several volunteers at a meeting in Foxboro, hosted by Chuck Drayton. For a time, there was a SIG publication called CUEShare News that accompanied a more or less monthly additional distribution of freeware/shareware software for Apple II, Mac and PC computers. These disks were added to the SIG software libraries.

Telecommunications - Cal Carpenter
Springfield - Sharon and Buzzy Esempio
SIG Leader Dinner - June 18 - Mansfield Holiday Inn


Six of 600 Membership Valentines (Membership Drive) were sent back (reported at General Business Meeting, March 26, 1993)

The joint newsletter of BCS-ESIG and MassCUE which was published for about two years was ended by a vote of the MassCUE board in March of 1993. Lori Keating, a technical writer from Marlboro, has volunteered to become the onCUE editor. Advertisers for the newsletter are to contact Nancy Vose.
MassCUE participated in the development of the Massachusetts Technology Plan, and in spite of objections from MassCUE, it was decided to have CELT (headed by John Fillipo) write the plan. Mr. Antonnucci of the Mass Dept. of Ed. was not interested in being the lead player of this effort. John Marion commented at a board meetin in September, "We must continue to work to keep broad focus of educational Technology from being made too narrow." MCET got a development grant from the Department of Commerce to develop a telecommunications plan for the state, Mass Ed Online.

Brand new Tech:

Windows NT (introduced with the version number 3.1, to have it match the desktop Windows version current at the time.)

NYNEX, the name of Massachusetts' phone company in 1993, was planning to install dedicated phone lines for 56K modem connectivity as a first step in "connecting" schools for telecommunications.

MassCUE members were invited to contact a gopher server run by BBN, intended to be a testbed for a National School Network. Gopher protocol was a predecessor to the World Wide Web. For more on Gopher technology, connect to, preferably with a Firefox browser which has native gopher protocol. Most other modern browsers do not directly support the gopher protocol.

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