Massachusetts Computer Using Educators, Inc. Historical Information


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President: Martin Huntley
Vice President: Gail Ross-McBride
Secretary: Algot Runeman
Treasurer: Peg Bondorew

Alan November (Past President)
Earle Hancock (Publications Director)
Linda Colvin (Vendor Coordinator)
Pauline Lamarche (SIG Coordinator)
Ginny Warn (Special Events Coordinator)
Laurene Belisle (Conference Coordinator)
John LeBaron (Higher Ed. Rep.)
Laura Nash Peterson (Publicity Director)

Appointed February 1991:
Wayne G. Rego, School Committee Liaison
Bill Johnson, Outreach Coordinator
Jim Modena, Liaison to MAEM (librarians organization)
Rolf Erickson, Liaison from MAEM

April Election Results:
President: Earle Hancock
Vice President: Jane Manzelli
Treasurer: Pauline Lamarche
Secretary: Algot Runeman
At-Large: Chuck Drayton, Joan Hamilton, Ron Koehler

Fall Conference "Inventing the Future" - Sheraton Lincoln, Worcester - Keynote: David Thornburg - (480 paid attendees)

Special Events:
Spring Retreat - May 16-17 Daniel Webster Inn, Sandwich - Facilitator: Lyle Kirtman - Coordinator: Ginny Warn
Statehouse Day (Kids and Computers) - May 13 - Coordinator: Jane Manzelli Wayne Rego
Summer Institute - August 20-22 - Willets-Hallowell/Mount Holyoke - Facilitator: Lyle Kirtman

SIG Dinner February 8, 1991 - Wayside Inn
Leadership SIG (Gerri Abrams/Pauline Lamarche)
South Eastern SIG (Herb Tracey)
South Central SIG (Chuck Drayton)
Telecommunications SIG (Juliette Avots)
Special Needs SIG (Shelly Chamberlain)
North Shore SIG (Bob Hardy)
Barnstable County SIG (Mary Crook)
Worcester County SIG (Bud Brooks)
Bristol County SIG (Jean Dean)
Boston Computer Society ESIG

Considering a joint publication with the Boston Computer Society education Subgroup - our onCUE and the BCS The Schoolhouse Monitor
New Tech:
Apple Macintosh Powerbook (notebook computer)
Macintosh OS System 7

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