Massachusetts Computer Using Educators, Inc. Historical Information


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President: Martin Huntley
Vice President: Gail Ross McBride
Secretary: Algot Runeman
Treasurer: Peg Bondorew
AT-LARGE: Earle Hancock (Publications Director), Linda Colvin (Vendor Coordinator), Chuck Drayton (SIG Coordinator), Chuck Hitchcock (Special Events Coordinator) Conference Coordinator: Laurene Belisle, Outreach Liaison: John Marion, Higher Ed. Rep: John LeBaron Appointed 4/27: Mac McCassey (Chuck Hitchcock resigned) - John Marion assumes role of SIG Coordinator (Chuck Drayton did not run for re-election) - Laura Nash appointed as Publicity Director John Marion was appointed in September to fill Chuck Hitchcock's at-large elected (->April 91) Laurene Belisle was appointed in September to fill Chuck Drayton's vacated At-Large elected (->April 92) board position instead of having a standard appointed board position. Ginny Warn and Pauline LaMarche were appointed to the board in October. Mac McCassey resigned in October. John Marion resigned in November.


Spring - Apponoquit (last school-site) - Middleboro - Host: Claudia Soares 22 vendors
Fall - Worcester (first two-day hotel-site conference) - Sheraton Lincoln (later became the Holiday Inn)
Guest Speakers:
Presiders continue to get CUEBucks for their help at conferences.

Special Events:

Spring Reatreat - Hotel Barre (cancelled in part for hotel problems)
Statehouse Day - Coordinator: Mary Pavento - 56 Schools represented (max of space available, though 75 schools applied to participate)
Leadership Institute - South Hadley - people attended from Massachusetts, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia, England and Czechoslovakia.


Merrimack Valley SIG - John Marion - Sharing AppleWorks templates was on the activity list.

General Comments:

Board was trying to use a product called Applelink for communications.


MassCUE assets as of March 1990: $4336.84
There were "Apple Education Sales Consultants" instead of "dealers".
The July board meeting was held in Becket, MA "most palacial accomodations for a meeting" (Thanks, Linda). Is this the furthest west in Massachusetts that the board ever met?
Some board meetings were also held in Providence, Rhode Island, Martin Huntley's house. Is this the furthest south the board ever met
As of September, Alan November had moved to Illinois.
Discussions about a merger/affiliation with the Boston Computer Society (Tracey Licklider, Gerri Abrams). They would provide office space in Boston.

Popular School Computers:

Apple IIGS

New Tech:

Macintosh LC

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