Massachusetts Computer Using Educators, Inc. Historical Information


[Note: Like any other history/archive document, there will be new information. If you have any information you feel should be included in the MassCUE shared archives, please contact: Algot Runeman, MassCue historian.]


President: Alan November - Martin Huntley (4/89)
Vice President: Lucille Harper - Gail Ross McBride (4/89)
Secretary: Algot Runeman
Treasurer: Jim Modena - Peg Bondorew - (4/89)
Earle Hancock, Martin Huntley, Gail Ross-McBride, Laura Nash
AT-LARGE (4/89) Earle Hancock (Publications Director), Laura Nash (Vendor Coordinator), Chuck Drayton (SIG Coordinator), Chuck Hitchcock (Special Events Coordinator) Appointed (5/29) Conference Coordinator: Laurene Belisle, Outreach Liaison: John Marion, Higher Ed. Rep: John LeBaron


Spring - Westfield - Host: Laurene Belisle - Keynote: Gail Morse - 33 vendors
Fall - Lexington - Host: Ed Good - Two Day (Friday PM and Saturday) with long 3-hour skill session workshops on Friday.
Linda Colvin to help Laura Nash with vendor coordination
(ETAC Technology Pathfinder Awards, three to be given: teacher, coordinator, administrator - ETAC wants to pass the awards out at our October conference.)

Special Events:

Third annual Retreat - May 11-12 - Ralph Waldo Emerson Inn, Rockport Mass - Facilitator: Don DeLay
Leadership Institute: August 13-18 - Pine Manor College - Facilitator: Louise Thompson
First annual SIG leaders' dinner - June 19 - The October 28, 1989 general business meeting was the first MassCUE meeting (in memory) to last less than one hour!


Western Mass SIG - Laurene Belisle - recognized April 8, 1989
Central Mass SIG - Cynthia Donatelli
Merrimack Valley SIG - John Marion
South Central SIG - Chuck Drayton
South Shore SIG - Jim Rogers
Southeastern SIG - Herb Tracey
Coordinators' SIG - Tom Plati
Telecommunications SIG - Juliette Avots
Cape and Islands SIG - recognized 12/89
(Vroom SIG - motorcycle computing - first and only meeting June 29 - Earle and Algot)


ISTE is the newly merged ICCE John Marsula to take on role of onCUE editor (6/89) MassCUE decides to run only a single hotel-based (Worcester) conference starting in the fall of 1990 (11/89)

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