Massachusetts Computer Using Educators, Inc.
Historical Information


[Note: Like any other history/archive document, there will be new information located from time to time. If you have any information you feel should be included in the MassCUE shared archives, please contact: Algot Runeman, MassCUE historian.]

President: Len Huber
Vice President: Lucille Harper
Secretary: Paul DiBara
Treasurer: Jim Modena (?)

Spring: Needham (Host: Jim Modena) Inabeth Miller from Harvard was Keynote.

Special Events:


General Comments:


Popular School Computers: Apple IIe, Original Macintosh for a lucky few.

New Tech:
Macintosh computer (first large-scale commercial computer with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the mouse) Another acronym associated with the new Macintosh was WIMP, Windows-Icons-Mouse-Pointer. These characteristics were shared with the Macintosh's predecessor, the Lisa which was also a product of Apple Computers.