A Cycle of Life

Every day portends the next.
There's a cycle to life.
The world goes round.
Our habits follow the spin.

For some the cycle brings joy.
For others it does not.
If you are one of the former,
Engage with the latter.
Make it supportive.

Lend your understanding
Not your advice, no "quick fix."
Be the environment for safe
And experimental development.
Depression isn't simple.
There is no "just do this."

Help isn't judgemental.
Being there may be hard.
Cycles may go on and on and on.
The change may be very slow.
And the heart may break again and again
An occasional, tentative smile may be rare.
Sharing the pain isn't possible, but helping bear it is.

Photo is from a screen capture of the Webcam at Lauderdale Beach during Hurricane Isaac, in 2012.