S5: A Web Browser Presentation Tool

Very Portable

Algot Runeman

A presentation about presentations for the
NatickFOSS Usergroup on October 2, 2014

Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System

Mix of HTML, JavaScript and CSS

[does not show in presentation]


Basic HTML is all you need. Each slide is a small group of tagged information.

<div class="slide">
<h1>S5: An HTML Presentation Tool</h1>
<h2>Using the Web Instead</h2>
<h3>Algot Runeman</h3>
<p>A presentation about presentations for the<br/>
NatickFOSS Usergroup on October 4, 2014</p>



That's IT!

Make as many of those slide-class <div> sets as you need.

That's it. Sort of...


The User Interface (UI)

There's much more than just "Next" and "Back".

Tapping the spacebar or the down arrow or the right arrow or the mouse key all trigger the change from one slide to the next. That interaction is controlled by the JavaScript written by Eric A. Meyer.

You will not need to fiddle with the JavaScript at all.

Oh, and if you want to use a mouse or jump around to any individual slide,
move the mouse pointer to the bottom-right corner of the presentation screen. arrow

[ T for outline view ]

[ C for control visibility ]

[ Home, End, #+Enter to Jump to that slide ]

CSS and Styles

  • Style is controled by CSS files.
  • This presentation uses the default S5 style.
  • There are several others available.
  • You are free to tweak any of them,
  • ...or design your own.

S5 is Public Domain

...there are several levels of sharing

  • Proprietary (All Rights Reserved)
  • Demoware
  • Shareware
  • Free(ware)
  • Open Source
  • Free Software
  • Public Domain

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