File Associations

Operating systems allow you to associate particular file types (usually identified by a file extension like .odt or .pdf) with a particular program.

When you double click on a file icon, Windows will open the file using the program that it has associated with the extension. If you don't have an association set up, you'll get an error message.

At the June meeting of Natick FOSS, a member asked for directions for Windows file associations.

Opening ODT files with LibreOffice when you double click a file icon.

These directions are specifically for Windows 7.
I no longer have a Windows XP machine, but the basic idea is the same.

You need to open the “Windows Explorer” program or “Computer” from the start menu.

Browse until you find a file that was created with LibreOffice Writer. You may or may not see that it has an odt extension.

Choosing a file

Right click the file and select the “Properties” option from the context menu Then, if the file doesn't have the association you want, click the "Change" button.

Change the Properties

Choose from the recommended programs.

image: Choose an application

Then make sure there is a check mark to indicate you always want to open this file type with LibreOffice.

There is a Microsoft Knowledge Base item that gives a similar set of directions that are specific for the XP version of Windows.

For offline viewing:
Open Document Format (to open in LibreOffice/OpenOffice)
Portable Document Format (to open with Acrobat Reader on Windows)