Coding for Fun

Being in control is more fun than just being controlled.

Computers can follow your directions very well. You tell a computer what to do, it does what you say.
That is called "coding" or "programming" and lots of people actually do it for a living. But, you don't need to be a professional. You can code just for the fun of it.

Learning to code can be done in lots of different ways, but for many of us, a visual coding tool is a great start. Visual tools take care of the tricky bits of "syntax."

One relatively new visual coding tool is online, created by Google, called Blockly

Blockly logo

There are a few demo activities that you may be able to figure out without too much trouble. Follow the link to the Maze demo and see if you can select and drag the control blocks around. Stick them together; pull them apart; make a stack of blocks to move and turn your character through the maze.

maze illustration 1

There are minimal directions at the online site, so here's a quick hint.

maze illustration 2